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NGO founded: 2001
Partnership formed: 2010

Organisation's aim: To highlight Armenia's unique national heritage by using a wide range of innovative projects, with the main focus on education and raising awareness through film and media.

Partner history

The organisation was established by Ruben Khachatryan, an Armenian filmmaker, with zoologist Hrach Ghazaryan, to address what was perceived as a lack of environmental concern in the country since its independence in 1991. They set up FPWC to raise awareness of conservation issues, especially among young people.

Partnership with WLT

In 2010, Barbara Siebert of FPWC submitted a proposal to WLT for the purchase and protection of land surrounding the Khosrov Reserve, in south-western Armenia. Following a site visit, to assess the feasibility of a partnership and any potential future projects, WLT formed a partnership with FPWC later that year.

 FPWC's Hrach Ghazaryan and Manuk Manukyan spot Bezoar goats
FPWC's Hrach Ghazaryan and Manuk Manukyan, reserve ranger supported by WLT's Keepers of the Wild appeal, spot Bezoar goats within the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge. © FPWC.

Projects with WLT

Save the Caucasian Leopard

WLT is urgently raising funds to support a conservation project to protect the threatened Caucasian Leopard in the Caucasus, Armenia.

Keepers of the Wild

WLT currently supports FPWC through the Keepers of the Wild appeal, which funds rangers on our partners' reserves.

2011 Conference

In 2011, WLT assisted FPWC in hosting a conference entitled The Role of Civil Society and Private Actors in Wildlife Protection in the South Caucasus. The conference aimed to create a network of partners to tackle the threats to the Caucasus region, which is largely unprotected.

Other projects and activities

  • Making wildlife films about the unique biodiversity of Armenia and holding an annual film festival.
  • Running an Eco club called Sun-Child, offering free after school environmental education to children from the surrounding community.
  • Working with Yerevan Zoo to improve animal welfare, education, and nature protection.
Contact details: 

Director and Founder of FPWC: Ruben Khachatryan

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