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NGO Founded: 1997

Partnership Formed: 2004

Organisation’s aim: To protect areas throughout Paraguay, safeguarding varied habitats and species across the country. Guyra Paraguay’s work with local communities is very important to the organisation, as it is committed to creating a sustainable future for both wildlife and local people.

Partner history

Guyra Paraguay was formed by a group of individuals concerned about destruction of Paraguay's habitats; they resolved to create an organisation with the aim of preserving bird species in Paraguay. They chose to focus on birds as important indicators of overall biodiversity.

Partnership with WLT

Alberto Yanosky, Executive Director of Guyra Paraguay, visited the WLT office in 2004 to meet with John Burton (CEO) to discuss the possibility of working together on Paraguayan conservation initiatives. A partnership agreement was subsequently signed and in 2005 WLT raised funds to begin the first land purchase in the Chaco-Pantanal.

Pride Jaguar with Eco Club
A community Eco Club is a very successful group living in Bahia Negra, adjacent to the WLT-funded Chaco-Pantanal Reserve. Although an NGO in their own right they are supported by Guyra Paraguay.

Work with WLT

Chaco/Pantanal Project

WLT has funded land purchase and protection in the Chaco-Pantanal, Atlantic Rainforest and Dry Chaco.

Keepers of the Wild

Guyra Paraguay help protect and manage over two and half million acres of threatened habitats throughout Paraguay. WLT was instrumental in helping them achieve this and is now supporting their efforts through the Keepers of the Wild appeal, putting more reserve rangers in the field to help safeguard this vast area.

Tree Planting

WLT supported reforestation at the San Rafael reserve in 2007 and 2008.

Paraguay Forest Conservation Project

WLT and Guyra Paraguay are working in collaboration to develop an innovative REDD+ project to help tackle the country’s large-scale deforestation.

Other projects and activities

  • Developing databases in order to identify species conservation priorities, including mapping Important Bird Areas (IBAs);
  • Identifying and prioritising sites of greatest conservation importance in Paraguay;
  • Monitoring the fragmentation of the main eco-regions in Paraguay, including Atlantic Rainforest, Cerrado, Misiones’ Grasslands, Pantanal, and Chaco;
  • Integrating social and economic development with ecological requirements in areas of conservation importance;
  • Undertaking environmental education throughout Paraguay;
  • Providing access to a field station, the Three Giants Lodge, for university students studying conservation.

Awards and achievements

2007: Guyra Paraguay recognised as one of the Top Paraguayan Institutions of the year by Ultima Hora, one of the country’s leading newspapers, for their struggle to protect biodiversity often in great adversity.

2008: Guyra Paraguay received a Partnership Award at the BirdLife Awards.

2012: Guyra Paraguay celebrated its 15th anniversary.

2013: In June Guyra Paraguay Executive Director, Alberto Yanosky was awarded the National Geographic/Buffett Award for Conservation Leadership in Latin America. In the same month Alberto was made a BirdLife Member of Honour at the 2013 BirdLife World Congress.

2013: In July Alberto Yanosky received the National Order of Merit in the grade of Commander, in recognition of Guyra's crucial institutional work for the defense and preservation of environmental resources. 

Contact details: 

Executive Director: Alberto Yanosky

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