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NGO founded: 1989
Partnership Formed: 2000

Organisation's aim: To promote the conservation and protection of the Patagonian environment within Argentina, encouraging responsible management of its resources and ecosystems.

Partner history

Fundación Patagonia Natural (FPN) was founded by local people from the community who were all concerned about Patagonia's wildlife.

Partnership with WLT

While visiting Argentina in 1999, Dr Gerard Bertrand (Founding Trustee of the WLT) became aware that, at that time, none of the Coastal Steppe in Patagonia was protected despite being home to a wealth of wildlife including endemic species that are found nowhere else on Earth. Due to the collapse of the wool trade land that had previously been used as sheep grazing was coming on to the market very cheaply with threats to the steppe habitat as well as coastal regions.

WLT Trustees agreed to further investigate the possibility of saving an important area of Patagonian wilderness and identified FPN as a suitable partner in the region. Collaboration resulted in the first Guanaco Refuge in the world (Estancia la Esperanza) and has leveraged protection of other areas of coastal steppe.

The entrance to Ranch of Hopes
The entrance to the Ranch of Hopes (Estancia la Esperanza).

Projects with WLT

Coastal Steppe Project, Patagonia

WLT funded the purchase of 15,000 acres to create the Estancia la Esperanza (Ranch of Hopes) and the reserve now has Wildlife Refuge status. WLT's project with FPN is successfully completed but we still remain supportive partners, funding ranger salaries and infrastructure.

Other projects and activities

  • Liaising with government and non-government organisations;
  • Environmental education through all sectors of the community;
  • Development of a small volunteer and ecotourism programme;
  • Research into issues relating to the biodiversity of the region and its protection;
  • Carrying out surveys of coastal biodiversity;
  • Opening up emergency centres to rehabilitate animals affected by oil spills.
Contact details: 

Administrator: María del Carmen Taboada

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