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NGO founded: 1998

Partnership formed: 2008

Organisation’s aim: To become a leading organisation for bird conservation in Colombia. Fundación ProAves work with local communities to protect key habitats for birds and other wildlife.

Partner history

ProAves formed after a group of dedicated conservationists joined forces to save the Yellow-eared Parrot. The organisation has since grown to focus on the protection of Colombia's most threatened bird species through research and direct conservation.

Partnership with WLT

The WLT initially met ProAves through WLT-US and in 2009 funded the expansion of the existing El Pagan Reserve. From January 2011, WLT is supporting ProAves through Buy an Acre funds.

Colibri de Sol Reserve
Colibri de Sol, one of ProAves' reserves which protects the Critically Endangered Dusky Starfrontlet.

Projects with WLT

Chocó and other Rainforest

WLT supports ProAves through the Buy an Acre appeal, funding land purchase to create nature reserves in some of the most threatened and biodiverse areas of the Chocó forest.

Other projects and activities

  • Bird conservation projects include creating artificial nests for threatened parrots and nurseries for bird-friendly shade grown coffee;
  • Running an eco-centre as a training and community area;
  • Producing educational resources, running awareness raising campaigns and festivals;
  • Working with local communities, such as organising the Women for Conservation Programme to promote businesses opportunities for women;
  • Science research projects to protect some of Colombia's most threatened species, focusing on bird monitoring, migratory species, and threatened parrots.
Contact details: 

Executive Director: Alonso Quevedo

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