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David Attenborough with a tree new to science

Sir David Attenborough talks about the depressing statics on the destruction of rainforests, yet is heartened by the fact that World Land Trust (WLT) partners are regularly discovering species new to science

"I am told, by people who know, that wildlife films are more popular today than they have ever been. Ironic then that we are losing Earth’s greatest biological treasures at a time when we are only really beginning to appreciate their true value.

"Mere fragments of rainforest survive - the depressing statistics are that where they once covered almost 15 percent of the earth’s surface they are reduced to less than 6 percent, and yet even in these relatively tiny fragments species new to science are being discovered all the time.

"In a world where wildlife battles to survive I take heart in the work being carried out by the World Land Trust.

"WLT isn’t about talking, it is about action, action that is saving thousands of acres of wilderness every year. On the reserves purchased through donations to the Trust, which are expertly managed by its overseas partners, permanent protection is in place. As more funds are raised, more critical habitats are being protected.

Tapichalaca tree frog

The Tapichalaca tree frog was discover in 2003 as a species new science in the Tapichalaca Reserve in Ecuador protected by WLT partner, Fundación Jocotoco © Luis A Coloma

"With species new to science being discovered on a regular basis, and clear indications that the wildlife on the reserves are increasing, this is indeed good news.

"The growing and significant support of WLT, from both the individual and corporate sector, is enormously encouraging. Buying land for conservation is the most direct and certain road to conservation and in doing so WLT is ensuring that at least some of our wilderness, and its biodiversity, survives.

"This gives me hope that we, and future generations, will always be able to enjoy watching wildlife, be it on television or in the wild."

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(Extract from Patron’s message, Annual Review and Accounts 2007, available from the WLT online or in hard copy.)

David Attenborough's signature

Sir David Attenborough, CH FRS


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