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Sir David Attenborough and Rohini Finch

Sir David Attenborough speaks of his support for WLT

"I am often asked about the conservation organisations I support and I regularly advocate World Land Trust as an organisation that I believe is particularly worthy of support. The thing about WLT is that they recognise that ecosystems are what need saving. If you want to save Jaguars and hummingbirds the only way to do so is to save the places where they live. WLT has 'land' in the title and land is what matters. WLT had arrived at this conclusion some 23 years ago and have always been an organisation on the cutting edge.

"The money that is given to the World Land Trust, in my estimation, has more effect on the wild world than almost anything I can think of. So if you do care about the natural world and want to support it, I would like to suggest that there is no better way of doing so than helping the World Land Trust."

David Attenborough's signature

Sir David Attenborough, CH FRS

Rohini Finch, Chairman of WLT pays tribute to your support

"Thanks to you, our supporters, for donating so generously; 2012 was an extremely successful year in the life of the Trust. As Sir David says, WLT will use your funds for the very greatest effect. Our small staff based in Suffolk are highly experienced and knowledgeable and the overseas project partners that we work with are the people on the ground who take responsibility in their own countries. They are the experts, they know the land and species most at risk.

"The strong triangle comprised of our staff, overseas partners and trustees is second to none in its breadth of knowledge and expertise. Every penny you donate is used to ensure that the world's disappearing habitats and their rare species are protected forever. I would like to encourage you to think of us as your WLT. Whether you support us through land purchase, special appeals, tree planting, or reserve protection, it is your action that is saving these lands and their species. I hope this is evident in the following pages. Thank you again."

(Extract from Patron's message, Annual Review and Accounts 2012, available from the WLT online or in hard copy.)

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