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David Attenborough at WLT’s webcam launch

Sir David Attenborough, at the launch of World Land Trust's (WLT) first wildlife webcam in January 2008, that live streams from the breath-taking tropical forests of Buenaventura in Ecuador

"World Land Trust’s new rainforest webcam is an extraordinary lifeline and communication with the natural world. As human beings we are more urbanised than ever before, and we are out of touch with the natural world. Yet we are 100% dependent on its resources."

At the launch WLT’s CEO, John Burton, explained:

“We wanted to show people reality. The forests are home to an astounding number of rare species. These reserves were created to protect them, and the webcam means that people can really see what goes on in the forest as it happens without having to travel thousands of miles.”

Hummingbird on WLT wildlife webcam

A hummingbird on the Buenaventura wildlife webcam in Ecuador

WLT’s wildlife webcams transported you from the comfort of your own home to the cloud forests of Ecuador. Here you can watch a vibrant array of hummingbird species, brightly coloured tanagers, parakeets and toucans. A family of greedy coatis are a particular favourite; they are charismatic bear-like mammals belonging to the raccoon family that have a reputation for intelligence and can often be seen lapping up the sugar water from the hummingbird feeder.

The webchat allows you to get interactive and share your passion for wildlife with like-minded people across the world. Get all your wildlife questions answered by our expert, Luciano Breves from Brazil, who is on hand to share his knowledge. Simply sign up or use your Facebook or Twitter log in and start chatting.

Watch the webcams live streaming from the rainforest in Ecuador »


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