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David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough

Broadcaster, Producer and Author, WLT Patron
"The World Land Trust's policy of buying land is the most direct and certain road to conservation. It deserves the support of all who care about the survival of the wild places of the world."
Read more on why Sir David supports the World Land Trust »

David Gower

David Gower OBE

Former Captain of the England Cricket team, WLT Patron
"Ever since my childhood, growing up in East Africa, I have retained a love of wildlife. It was, to me, one of the great perks of being a cricketer that I was able to travel, and, in the course of that travel I had wonderful opportunities to see wildlife in many other parts of the world. But I also came face-to-face with some of the problems confronting wildlife too. I am delighted to have found the World Land Trust where real and effective action is being taken to halt deforestation and loss of wildlife in critically threatened parts of the world."

Bill Oddie

Bill Oddie

Ornithologist and Broadcaster, WLT Council Member and Ambassador
"Everyone's concerned about the threats to the planet but not that many people are actually getting down to doing something that really makes a difference. The World Land Trust is and that's why I give them my full support."

Tony Hawks

Tony Hawks

TV and Radio Comedian and bestselling Author, WLT supporter
"For me it's about the arrogant and pointless advance of human beings, for no real quantifiable gain. We're not becoming happier as we use more and more resources, it doesn't work. Meanwhile I genuinely see what the WLT does and I just think that it's a very good idea. Buying land to stop it being destroyed; once you've done that, there's no better way of protecting animals and I go along with that wholeheartedly." Tony donates the Public Lending Rights of all his books to WLT's Green Ink project and gives freely of his time at fundraising events.

Gerard Bertrand

Dr. Gerard Bertrand

Honorary Vice President of Birdlife International, WLT Honorary President
"The responsibility that we have as developed nations to conserve tropical areas long exploited economically for our benefit is something we must redress. We have all benefited tremendously, now it is their turn."

Lee Durrell

Dr. Lee Durrell

Honorary Director, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust Naturalist and Author, WLT Council Member
"The World Land Trust is an exemplary model of how biodiversity conservation should be done.  It is a trim and focused organisation, proficient in the ways of protecting species, habitats and landscapes for the long term in a multiplicity of countries and cultures.  If only there were dozens of WLTs!"

Mark Carwardine

Mark Carwardine

Zoologist, Writer and Broadcaster, WLT Council Member
"The WLT doesn't go in for razzmatazz but prefers to run a lower profile operation that successfully puts more money into better conservation projects instead. The Trust quietly gets things done, making real progress on the ground, while others are still talking about them, or battling their way through unnecessary paperwork and red tape. This is not to say that decisions are made, or projects funded, without due care and attention. Indeed the opposite is true. There is an informal process of consultation, using a worldwide network of experts which ensures that all important decisions can be made professionally, quickly and with little cost." Mark is a Green Ink supporter.

Simon Barnes

Simon Barnes

Writer, WLT Council Member
Land. Lots and lots and lots of lovely luscious land, jumping with jaguars and packed with elephants, tigers, crocodiles, curassows and the world's most frightening frogs. That's why I'm with the World Land Trust. Youtube Video: Simon Barnes: Why I support World Land Trust

Fred Pearce

Fred Pearce

Author and Journalist: has been described as one of Britain's finest science writers.
"I was bowled over by the amount of stuff that WLT’s small team is busy on.  I can imagine larger conservation organisations employing dozens of people to do the same workload that just a few of you are doing so effectively. And a small organisation with a particular focus is just so much more direct in its dealings (and communication)."

Sir Ghillean Prance

Sir Ghillean Prance, FRS

Former Director of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; Trustee of the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest Trust (BART)
"The World Land Trust has filled a vitally important niche in the conservation world by purchasing and protecting threatened rainforest habitats, and I am heartened by the contribution they are making to preserve the Atlantic Rainforest. I urge everyone to support this important endeavour."

Chris Redston

WLT Partner, Catford, London, UK
"I hope that the money comes flooding in now that WLT have committed to the Orang-utan project. Isn't it a crazy mad world where governments can apparently find hundreds of billions of dollars to shore up failing banks, yet it's so hard to find a few hundred grand to save a species. Still, we're all doing what we can and hearing the good news that WLT is buying land for Orang-utans gives me heart that all is not lost. I supported WLT on the Big Give, 5-9 December."

David Scott and Rachel Rowlands on Snowdon summit

David Scott

WLT Supporter, Richmond, UK
"I think that what the World Land Trust does is excellent and I hope it is able to continue and progress with its good work. Well done and thank you."
Learn about David's 'Race for the Rainforests' in support of the WLT

E M Crook

WLT Supporter, Braintree, UK
"I think the purchase of key areas of wilderness protected by constant monitoring is the only way to save these habitats. I wish we could buy the whole of the natural world in this way!"

Megan Barrick

WLT Supporter, Charlotte, USA
"I can't express to you how pleased I am with the work you do! Also, I find it very poignant and profound to be able to give rainforest acreage as a gift! Thank you for all your hard work! I gave my rainforest gift to my little brother for his high school graduation and he was absolutely thrilled! He said it was the best present he received."

Paula Romano

WLT eBulletin subscriber, Santo André, Greater São Paulo, Brazil
"I would like to express my gratitude to your inspiring work to protect the wonders of this planet. I'm Brazilian who lives in an already destroyed portion of Rain Forest and it is very good to find out that there are serious people struggling to increase this tiny portion that still remains. Thanks a lot on behalf of Mata Atlântica!"

Peter Quinn

WLT Supporter, Ross-on-Wye, UK
"I enjoy enormously reading the excellent World Land Trust News but always feel a little reluctant to put it in the recycling as I feel it should be read by as many people as possible. To this end, whenever I visit the doctor’s, barbers or anywhere else with a waiting room, I leave a copy on top of the inevitable magazine pile. I wonder whether it might be worth encouraging other readers to do similar in order to spread awareness of the wonderful work of the WLT."

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