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Controversial Conservation 2014

Chris Packham – World Land Trust patron, TV presenter, zoologist and conservationist – and other eminent speakers debated the controversial subject of ‘Killing other peoples birds’ at an event organised by World Land Trust at the Royal Society on 2 September 2014.

This year’s speakers were as follows:

Chairman: Alister Gammell formally RSPB’s Director of International issues

Mark Avery – Scientist, naturalist and writer on environmental issues
John Burton – Conservationist, CEO of World Land Trust
Andrew Gilruth – Director of Membership and communications – Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust
Garry Marvin - Anthropologist, University of Roehampton
Bill Oddie – Conservationist, broadcaster and writer
Chris Packham – Conservationist, broadcaster and writer

Controversial Conservation - Part one

Chairman - Opening words

  • Chris Packham - Introduction to the second Controversial Conservation
  • John Burton – The impact on hunting on WLT’s work
  • Gary Marvin – An anthropological and historic perspective on hunting
  • Mark Avery & Chris Packham – The plight of the Hen Harrier and other birds
  • Andrew Gilruth - The value of game management to conservation
  • Chris Packham & Bill Oddie – Shooting migrant birds


Controversial Conservation - Part two

Chairman - Opening words

  • Panelist discussion
  • Debate and Questions from the audience
  • Closing words from Chris Packham


Controversial Conservation 2013

Chris Packham – World Land Trust patron, TV presenter, zoologist and conservationist – and other eminent speakers debated controversial aspects of conservation at an event organised by World Land Trust at the Royal Society on 14 October 2013.

"Controversial Conservation has done exactly what we hoped it would do," said John Burton, WLT Chief Executive, after the event. "It has started a public debate, and thanks to social media, we can keep these discussions going." Members of the public are encouraged to join the debate. Online questions and comments will be forwarded to panellists. Controversial Conservation was supported by the Sibthorp Trust.

Audio 1 Audio 2
00.00.00 Introduction 00.00.00 Mark Avery - The Sparrowhawk dilemma
00.07.00 Chris Packham - Which species can we save? 00.14.02 George Fenwick - Domestic and feral animals on the loose
00.34.44 Vivek Menon - Living alongside big, dangerous animals 00.33.36 Celia Haddon - Domestic and feral animals on the loose
00.53.34 Q & A 00.46.44 Q & A

Learn more about the Controversial Conservation event at The Royal Society »


Paraguay and Piranhas

WLT Chief Executive John Burton talks to writer and comedian Tony Hawks about the Paraguayan Chaco and the work that the Trust is doing to help preserve the wildlife and indigenous culture of this amazingly biodiverse region.

(6 min 52 sec)

Learn more about WLT's Chaco/Pantanal project in Paraguay »

Restoring Forests - Reducing Carbon

With global warming becoming increasingly apparent, reducing and offsetting carbon emissions is now a priority.

This podcast features Rebecca Absalom (formerly WLT Carbon Projects Officer) and Roger Wilson (WLT’s Senior Conservationist: Special Projects Development) discussing how WLT projects are reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

(5 min 30 sec)

Learn more about WLT's Carbon Balanced program »

Webcams in the Wild

Jack Astbury (formerly WLT Projects Development Officer) and Gustavo Morejon (of Fundación Jocotoco, one of WLT’s conservation partners in Ecuador) talk about setting up a webcam at Buenaventura Reserve in Ecuador, the challenges they face and their plans for the future.

(5 min 52 sec)

Watch the Buenaventura wildlife webcam »

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