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World Land Trust (WLT) has a variety of educational resources to offer all ages.

Most of our education and fundraising packs have been designed to target specific Key Stages and our downloadable maps and publications provide excellent supporting material.


Education Fundraising Pack

Education & Fundraising Pack

Our free Education & Fundraising with WLT gives information and ideas on how to help save threatened wildlife across the world. Produced for youth and educational groups, parents, teachers and students the pack contains information on WLT's conservation projects, and a range of useful links to websites on rainforests.

Running in the Corridors

Running in the Corridors

CD, pack and web pages: Key Stage 1 - 2
An educational fundraising resource from the WLT, designed specifically for Key Stage 1 and 2. It consists of a printed pack and CD, supported by web pages to help teach students about the importance of protecting the natural world.

Atlantic Rainforest in Misiones

Learning about nature - educational videos

A free teaching resource for Key Stages 1 and 2, with videos covering core areas of the national curriculum, including food chains, habitats, rainforests and human impact.

These videos have been created by WLT and are narrated by Trustee and children's author Nicola Davies.

Visit Focus on Forests

Focus on Forests

Website: Key Stage 3
An educational website by WLT aimed at 11-14 year olds. Focus on Forests explains some of the issues facing forests around the world today. It contains case studies to give a real insight into what the problems are and the solutions found by the people living in these forests.

Species in WLT Reserves

Species in WLT Reserves

Read species fact files on animals and plants found in wildlife reserves protected by WLT funding. Learn fascinating facts about some of the weird and wonderful wildlife that live on the reserves, such as the Giant Otter, beautiful hummingbirds and unusual tropical plants.

Wildlife Webcams

Wildlife Webcams

WLT's wildlife webcams stream live footage of wildlife from the rainforest direct to the comfort of your home or classroom.


Downloadable Materials and Maps

Download WLT project briefs, financial information and reports. Maps from our project areas include Google maps and place marks on Google Earth.

How big is an Acre

How big is an Acre?

Want to know how big an acre/hectare/square meter is? Use our area converter to find out.

WLT Glossary and Abbreviations

WLT Glossary and Abbreviations

If you need help understanding some of the terms used on the WLT website, visit our Glossary and Abbreviations page. The page outlines the WLT's definition of terms used when we talk about our conservation work.

Links Directory

Useful Links

For more resources see our Links Directory's Education section, which features a page on Resources for Students, Parents & Schools.

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