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Running in the Corridors

World Land Trust (WLT) has prepared the Running in the Corridors pack to raise money to help buy land and make it safe for wildlife in Argentina, Borneo, Brazil, Ecuador, India and Paraguay.

Protecting wildlife corridors

Sometimes a protected area needs to be connected to another protected area. The connection may be very big or very small and is called a wildlife corridor. A wildlife corridor is a way of connecting two areas of wildlife habitat to each other. It means animals have a safe way to move from one area to the other.

Who is this educational resource for?

Running in the Corridors is a new educational fundraising resource from World Land Trust. It consists of a printed pack and CD that are supported by these web pages.

The pack has been specifically designed for Key Stage 1 and 2 teachers and students in schools that are intending to fundraise for the protection of threatened wildlife habitat. (It is not linked to World Land Trust buy-an-acre projects).

A selection from the Running in the Corridors Pack

What is included in the Running in the Corridors Resource?

  • A letter of introduction
  • Learning about Rainforests, a CD full of educational resources
  • An illustrated poster
  • Instructions for the 'Wildlife Corridors Game'
  • Fundraising ideas
  • Animal fact sheet
  • A wildlife corridors fact sheet. You can download the PDF Wildlife Corridors Fact Sheet as an example of the resources provided in this pack. (Opens a PDF in a new window)
Atlantic Rainforest

Donations will go to save vital habitat like this last stronghold of the Atlantic Rainforest in Misiones Province, Argentina.

Where will Running in the Corridors funds go?

The World Land Trust is an international conservation organisation that raises funds to protect threatened wildlife habitat. Between 1989 and 2010 we have saved over 400,000 acres, that is 1,618,744,000 square meters.

The Running in the Corridors educational resource pack highlights the current need to buy land to connect up protected areas for the benefit of wildlife. In order to explain the concept of a wildlife corridor to younger students we liken it to a school corridor.

There are 10 Running in the Corridor animals that each represent a World Land Trust project area. Students are encouraged to choose an animal and raise funds for the project it represents.

Projects supported by Running in the Corridors are in:Argentina, Borneo, Brazil, Ecuador, India and Paraguay.

How to receive the Running in the Corridors resource pack

This pack is free to schools that intend to fundraise for a relevant project. If you are intending to raise funds for the protection of threatened wildlife habitat and you are interested in a copy of the Running in the Corridors resource pack please contact World Land Trust Education Manager Kelly Jacobs.


The production of this resource pack has been made possible thanks to generous donations from OilAid and Simpson Education & Conservation Trust.

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