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The World Land Trust helps save endangered plants and animals by protecting habitat through its worldwide conservation projects. Some of these species are new to science, and are unique to the habitats saved by WLT funded land purchase.

Browse through the WLT's species profile pages to learn more about some of the animals and plants protected by WLT funded reserves



Illustrations are copyright where credited. Many of the illustrations have been donated by wildlife artist Bruce Pearson and are taken from the Collins Guide to Rare Mammals of the World. There are also links to the WLT projects where the animals can be found. The conservation status of the animal shown is taken from the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. The IUCN link with each animal takes you to IUCN data about the animal.


Help protect this threatened wildlife

You can help protect habitat for these threatened species by donating to the WLT's projects.


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