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  • Eighty-eight butterfly
    This brush-footed butterfly is found throughout Central and Southern America. They are commonly known as the ‘eighty-eight’ butterfly due to the patterns on the underside of their hind wings.
  • Giant Water Bug
    Giant Water Bugs are also known as ‘toe-biters’ and ‘electric-light bugs’. These highly common flying aquatic insects are found worldwide in clear, calm, freshwater streams and ponds.
  • Leafcutter ants by Chris Knowles
  • Morpho Peleides by David Tomlinson
  • Thoas Swallowtail
    Found in mid-elevation tropical forests and lowland edges from Mexico to Southern Brazil. It is a large butterfly, with a wingspan typically 10.5-12.8cm, and eats flower nectar. It is almost identical to the Giant Swallowtail of the USA.
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