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Ocellated Turkey

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Class: Aves

Order: Galliformes/p>

Family: Meleagrididae

Scientific Name: Meleagris ocellata

IUCN Red List status: Near Threatened

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Species Range (IUCN)


The Ocellated Turkey looks similar to the Common Turkey but is much more colourful and is larger; the males can grow to a metre in length. Its name derives from the peacock-like ocelli (eyes) on the tail feathers.


The Ocellated Turkey is found in Southern Mexico, Guatemala and Belize, preferring to live among the edge of forest.

Threats and Conservation

The Ocellated Turkey is popular with hunters, and increasingly rare over much of its range. The bird is therefore classified by the IUCN as near threatened.

Learn more

See IUCN Red List of Threatened Species for more information on the classification of the Ocellated Turkey.
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