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Give as you Live raises £4 million for charity

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22 October, 2013 - 15:24 -- World Land Trust
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Fundraising website Give as you Live has been hugely successful and has raised an incredible £4 million for charity since it launched in 2010 - and some of that total was donated to World Land Trust thanks to its supporters.

Like hundreds of other charities, World Land Trust (WLT) receives a charitable donation when supporters use Give as you Live for their online shopping.

So, it might seem a little disappointing that WLT has received a total of £682.31 (less than 0.02 per cent) to date. This must mean that the fault lies with us for not promoting it enough. WLT has 1,300 Friends who make regular monthly donations and thousands of other regular supporters so we should be able to encourage them to add to their generous support by helping us take advantage of this painless and free way to raise more funds for our work.

Not too good to be true

Give as you Live works with 2,700 brands, including Waitrose, John Lewis and M&S. Every time you buy from these brands online, they'll make a donation to World Land Trust. It’s that simple.

The brands donate just a few per cent of the purchase price. And although one or two per cent doesn’t sound much, it soon adds up - as a grand total of £4 million testifies.

Give as you Live online shoppers don’t pay any extra. There really is no hidden catch.

Christmas shopping

An eye watering £17billion is expected to be spent online in the run up to Christmas 2013.

Imagine how much we might raise if our supporters were to start using Give as you Live for their Christmas shopping! It would certainly make a huge difference to WLT.

Once you have made your purchase (or paid your bill) you are told how much has been donated on your behalf. It is a great feeling to know that a percentage of your spend is donated to WLT, simply by shopping online and not costing you a penny extra.

It’s easy to download the app and to nominate World Land Trust as your chosen charity. If you’re planning to buy presents online can we urge you to consider signing up before you do your Christmas shopping?

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Submitted by Chris Redston on

I would strongly recommend all WLT supporters who are reading this news item to join Give as you Live. I've been using it for about a year and it's excellent. You can search for anything you want using their Everyclick search engine [which seems to work just as well as Google] and every search donates money to the WLT. And if you want to buy something, the Give as you Live app will pop up when you visit the website and tell you how much of your purchase is donated to the WLT. It works for Amazon, Trainline, John Lewis, and hundreds more, and doesn't cost you a penny. Why use tax-dodging Google when you can use Give as you Live and Everyclick instead and raise money? Please join now - every WLT supporter should sign up and we can save more acres together.

Submitted by Christina Ballinger on

Chris, thank you for drawing attention to the Everyclick search engine. As you say it is another good way to raise funds for World Land Trust that doesn’t cost supporters a penny. I’ve been using Everyclick for the past few months. I’ve raised £2 so far, which is a tiny amount on its own, but multiple it by 100 supporters or by a 1,000, and it is a significant amount. And, like you, I’ve found that Everyclick gives as good results as other search engines. I really hope if we keep on encouraging more people to use Everyclick and Give as you Live, WLT will really start to benefit.

Christina Ballinger, WLT Writer / Editor

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