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30 May, 2014 - 09:15 -- World Land Trust
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Most people take a cab every now and again. For some it’s a regular habit, and for others it’s a luxury. But few people would immediately associate a cab journey with environmental benefits.

But now that perception is changing.

minicabit, a corporate supporter of World Land Trust (WLT), has announced that it will make a £5 donation to WLT for completed, pre-paid cab journeys booked online before 31 August 2014 and costing more than £30.

As recently seen on BBC2’s Dragons’ Den, minicabit offers a cab booking service via its website and iPhone app for local and long distance journeys in more than 30 UK cities. Since its launch, minicabit has been keen to make travelling by cab a more environmentally sustainable option.

For the past three years, minicabit has been offsetting the carbon emissions of every trip booked online through WLT’s Carbon Balanced programme, at no extra cost to the customer.

£5 donation to WLT

Now, a £5 donation to WLT for completed prepaid journeys costing more than £30 this summer – in addition to Carbon Balancing the cab ride - takes minicabit’s commitment to the environment one step further.

“We hope that the £5 donation will appeal to existing and potential customers, particularly those who may not consider themselves as ‘eco-minded’ but who do book cabs regularly.”
Amer Hassan, Chief Executive, minicabit.

“We see this as a way to make sure that an everyday habit like taking cab has environmentally friendly benefits,” said Amer Hasan, Chief Executive at minicabit. 

“We hope that the £5 donation will appeal to existing and potential customers, particularly those who may not consider themselves as ‘eco-minded’ but who do book cabs regularly – not least because the donation is not coming out of the passenger’s pocket.”

So, with summer in the air, if you are planning to book a cab for out of town trips to airports, meetings, festivals, family or friends, please consider using minicabit.

All it takes is for you to enter WLT5 as a donation code when booking and completing a trip, and then minicabit will donate £5 to WLT.

Link to minicabit home page and online booking form for WLT supporters » 

Saving costs and carbon footprint

minicabit has an additional feature on its website to encourage people to travel by cab in groups.

For trips with up to eight pickups or dropoffs on the way, the minicabit website and mobile website automatically works out the best route for the lowest fare.

This takes the hassle out of organising a trip with numerous stops spread across one or more cities, while saving costs - and carbon footprint - for the travellers.

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