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Endangered Species at MYA Gallery: raising funds for WLT

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MYA Gallery in Shoreditch.
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24 April - 12 June 2015
MYA Gallery, Shoreditch, London E1 6NU

MYA Gallery in Shoreditch is teaming up with World Land Trust (WLT) to present Endangered Species, an exhibition of work by 19 artists that are each depicting one animal at risk of extinction.

With nearly a quarter of all species of mammal, and a third of amphibians, threatened with extinction, the exhibition recognises the urgent need to safeguard wildlife and biodiverse habitats worldwide.

Each artist selected to exhibit in Endangered Species has chosen one specific animal at threat. The artworks will highlight the factors that have brought the subject to the brink of extinction as well as illustrating the steps being taken to save them by WLT and other conservation organisations.

Extinction dramatically affects biological diversity, upsets carefully balanced ecosystems and vastly reduces sources of livelihood for our future generations. The irony is, in many cases, the more endangered a species becomes, the more desirable it may seem to poachers because prices for skins, ivory and body parts spiral upwards.

MYA Gallery is donating to World Land Trust 10 per cent of the proceeds of each piece of artwork sold.

Alongside the exhibition will be a collection of photographs provided by WLT, as well as information on current endangered species and the shocking facts of their decline in numbers.

This photographic journey will illustrate how factors such as hunting and environmental change can put species at risk. It will also document some of the projects supported by WLT that are helping restore populations of critically endangered species.


Artists showing works in the exhibition include: Gent48, Odisy, Matt Small, Labrona, Luke Cheuh, JADE, Shark Toof, Sat One, Andrey Adno, Aaron Woebots, Eismann, Txemy, Jason Redwood, 3ttman, Pantonio, Fintan Magee, Sozy One, Pam Glew and Morik1.

The exhibition opens to the public on 24 April and closes on 12 June 2015

150a Commercial Street, London E1 6NU
T: 020 7247 2434

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