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Date and Time: 
23-29 March 2015
UK and Australia

In March 2015 supporters and staff of World Land Trust (WLT) backed Meat Free Week, a campaign designed to raise awareness of the environmental impact of meat consumption.  

During the week, those who took part raised funds for charity by going without meat for seven days.

Money raised for WLT during Meat Free Week went to the Action Fund, to purchase and protect land at risk of deforestation from the spread of industrial scale farming.

The Trust supported Meat Free Week because the rapid growth of the cheap meat industry is the major force driving deforestation in many parts of the world.

John Burton, WLT Chief Executive, explained: “It’s not just deforestation for cattle ranching, but the vast quantities of cereals grown as feed that has such devastating impacts on the world’s remaining grasslands and forests. If you want to eat meat it is always best to buy the highest quality, locally produced.”

Meat Free Week is an initiative not driven by veganism or vegetarianism. Rather, the purpose of the annual event is to invite people to make informed choices about the meat they eat and where it comes from.

More information

The Meat Free Week website has an easy to use fundraising section. Fundraisers had three options: to go it alone by registering as individual; to join an existing team; or to start a new team.

Donors could donate either to an individual or to a team. 

See how well the WLT staff team did on the Meat Free Week team sponsorship page »

Meat Free Week website »

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