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Latest news from World Land Trust (WLT), including updates from conservation projects, articles about programme partners, and up to minute reports of appeals, fundraising activities and events.

  • Elephants swimming in Borneo
    17 October 2012
    "When it comes to seeing wildlife I’m not lucky", explained Nicola Davies, likening herself to the poor photographer in an early Kit Kat advert, patiently watching...
  • Brown Bear cub at a nature reserve in Armenia
    03 October 2012
    A volunteer at a nature reserve in Armenia spots a year-old bear who managed to survive the harsh winter without its mother While volunteering in the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge, A...
  • Tiger in a reserve in India
    27 September 2012
    World Land Trust (WLT) is helping to address the escalating conflict between people and tigers in India to save the lives of both In the first six months of 2012, India has lost...
  • Western Hoolock Gibbon
    21 September 2012
    Author Nicola Davies writes about her experience visiting a conservation project in India supported by World Land Trust (WLT). I’ve been a supporter of WLT for more years...
  • Caucasian Leopard
    14 September 2012
    World Land Trust (WLT) launches a new Special Appeal to support a conservation project to save the rare Caucasian Leopard in Armenia In April, a blanket of snow covered the vast...
  • Cerro Prieto-Cerro La Luz Reserve
    12 September 2012
    World Land Trust (WLT) helps extend the Cerro Prieto-Cerro La Luz Reserve in Mexico to help protect more of this threatened ecosystem In May, WLT celebrated the creation of the 75...
  • Atlantic Rainforest, Paraguay
    10 September 2012
    World Land Trust (WLT) celebrates over 10 years of on-the-ground conservation by our partner organisation in Paraguay, saving one of the most threatened ecosystems on the planet W...
  • Habitats and wildlife protected by WLT
    07 September 2012
    Simon Lyster, a Trustee of the World Land Trust (WLT), shares his personal reasons for remembering WLT in his Will and honestly discusses the Trust’s struggle to attract...
  • Marching band
    04 September 2012
    The Ancestor’s Trail raises awareness and funds for the World Land Trust (WLT) to support our work protecting biodiversity across the globe During the August bank holiday, o...
  • Rainforest
    30 August 2012
    Between the 14 and 23 September, SEA LIFE London Aquarium is raising awareness about the conservation of Rainforests and Mangroves, with the World Land Trust (WLT) as their chosen...
  • Deforestation in the Chaco-Pantanal, Paraguay
    16 August 2012
    World Land Trust (WLT) celebrates further success for a project that is protecting biodiversity, fighting against dangerous climate change and benefiting indigenous communities...
  • Yellow-shouldered Parrot chicks
    10 August 2012
    Thanks to the generosity of World Land Trust (WLT) supporters, we have successfully raised £10,000 in just six months to protect Endangered parrots on Margarita Island In 20...
  • New species Pristimantis bellae
    06 August 2012
    World Land Trust (WLT) recognises the conservation commitment of a supporter by giving them naming rights for a new species of frog High in the cloud forests of the Andes Mountain...
  • 31 July 2012
    Payroll Giving offers a cheaper way of donating to the World Land Trust (WLT) but allows us to achieve just as much for global conservation While our dedicated supporters re...
  • Keeper of the Wild in Armenia
    25 July 2012
    World Land Trust (WLT) thanks zoo keepers across the UK for supporting their fellow keepers working in some of the remotest areas of the planet to protect animals in the wild Ke...
  • Guapi Assu Reserve, Brazil
    18 July 2012
    Visiting a nature reserve in Brazil, supported by the World Land Trust (WLT), was an unforgettable experience for Ameesh Manek A blue mist settles on the distant mountains that...
  • Fuertes's Parrot
    06 July 2012
    Critically Endangered and once thought to be extinct, Fuertes’s Parrot now has greater protection thanks to World Land Trust (WLT) and our partners’ collaborative succe...
  • Pumas are protected in the new reserve
    05 July 2012
    Chessington World of Adventures creates a nature reserve in Ecuador the same size as their Resort by supporting World Land Trust (WLT) Last year, Chessington World of Adventures R...
  • Tree planting by Young Rangers in rainforest
    02 July 2012
    Korean pop star Seo Taiji has part of a Brazilian Rainforest reserve named in his honour thanks to the dedication of his fans Known by many as ‘the President of culture...
  • Pinterest website
    01 July 2012
    World Land Trust (WLT) is on Pinterest showcasing beautiful images of the rainforests and wildlife we are protecting, join us this week and get inspired Here at WLT we...
  • Florida panther
    25 June 2012
    Discover the prizes on offer and how to enter the BBC Wildlife Magazine Camera-trap Photo of the Year competition 2012 Whether you are a researcher carrying out species monitoring...
  • CBRE Charity Bike Ride
    22 June 2012
    Discover how CBRE Charity Bike Ride successfully raises money for the World Land Trust (WLT) to save threatened habitats and wildlife On 2 June, a group of 65 cyclists left Toul...
  • Misiones Rainforest Corridor project
    20 June 2012
    A World Land Trust (WLT) initiative will be showcased at Rio+20 for its innovative methods to conserve biodiversity by working with indigenous communities On June 19, the Mision...
  • Pati Ruiz Corzo receiving her conservation award
    20 June 2012
    World Land Trust (WLT) congratulates Martha ‘Pati’ Isabel Ruiz Corzo for winning an award that recognises her outstanding conservation leadership in Latin America On J...
  • Esmeraldes Woodstar hummingbird in rainforest habitat
    19 June 2012
    World Land Trust (WLT) partners in the US and Ecuador create a nature reserve to protect the Esmeraldas Woodstar with support from local communities Barely two and half inches l...
  • El Oregano Reserve
    12 June 2012
    World Land Trust (WLT) helps fund a new nature reserve to protect Mexico’s cloud forest, but new research is published showing the threat climate change poses to this fr...
  • Ranger looking after Yellow-shouldered Parrot chicks
    07 June 2012
    World Land Trust (WLT) is protecting Endangered parrots on Margarita Island, off the north-east coast of Venezuela, by funding more reserve rangers This year’s Yellow-shou...
  • Ranger helps a child plant a tree in the Atlantic Rainforest
    30 May 2012
    Plant a native tree for your Dad in a protected nature reserve in Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest to celebrate Father’s Day on June 17 Plant a Tree for Father's Day...
  • The Ancestor’s Trail fundraising walk
    28 May 2012
    Celebrate evolution, biodiversity and the work of the World Land Trust (WLT) this August bank holiday, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26, by joining a fundraising ramble over the...
  • Charity wildlife Christmas card
    21 May 2012
    Design a Christmas card for the World Land Trust (WLT) and see your artwork professionally printed and available in our range of festive cards this year This competition wi...
  • Rare flower cactus, Aporocactus flagelliformis
    18 May 2012
    Award-winning photographer Roberto Pedraza captures a rare flowering cactus in the wilds of Mexico, yet Bearded-Wood partridge chicks run rings around him In the most diverse regi...
  • Venomous snake in the eastern Andes of Ecuador
    17 May 2012
    Reserve ranger, Luis Recalde, captures a powerful image of a richly patterned venomous snake high in the eastern Andes of Ecuador Curled up on a branch in the forest, this beautif...
  • Emerald Green Corridor and Guarani child
    11 May 2012
    World Land Trust (WLT) celebrates signing an agreement to increase the protection of the last remaining Atlantic Rainforest in Argentina, settling years of dispute over Guarani com...
  • Wood Positive project in Brazil
    10 May 2012
    World Land Trust (WLT) enables The Body Shop to further reduce their impact on the environment by protecting threatened habitats Wood Positive is a new intiative to compensate f...
  • Common Hairy-legged Long-tongued Bat (Anoura caudifer)
    04 May 2012
    World Land Trust (WLT) on how bats contribute to the world’s rich biodiversity and ways to support their continued conservation The United Nations declared 2011 and 201...
  • Puro Coffee
    02 May 2012
    World Land Trust (WLT) coffee sponsor Miko, who give two per cent of the turnover on their Puro Fairtrade Coffee brand to support our conservation work, are up for two awards later...
  • Local school children plant trees
    23 April 2012
    Yesterday, in celebration of Earth Day 2012 our partners in Armenia worked with the local community to plant trees in their reserve to improve this habitat for wildlife Local peop...
  • Fundraising as Elvis Presley
    12 April 2012
    World Land Trust (WLT) supporter, Dave Scott, dons a cape and a quiff to become the King himself and completes a show-stopping Half Marathon With a song and dance performance that...
  • West Indian Manatee in Guatemala lagoon
    28 March 2012
    Easter gift with the World Land Trust (WLT) is saving threatened habitats acre by acre, helping create protected nature reserves across the planet  By giving acres as a gift...
  • Mountain Trogon in Mexico reserve
    28 March 2012
    Discover how a camera not only captures the intimate life of a Trogon bird species, but also protects against illegal hunting and environmental damage  Reclusive and seldom...
  • Guapi Assu Reserve in Brazil's Atlantic Rainforest
    27 March 2012
    Help run the Guapi Assu Bird Lodge in Brazil's Atlantic Rainforest, creating an unforgettable experience for visitors Volunteering at the Guapi Assu Reserve in eastern Brazi...
  • Winning photograph in Camera-trap Photo of the Year competition 2011
    27 March 2012
    Discover how BBC Wildlife Magazine’s Camera-trap Photo of the Year competition is helping to advance scientific knowledge and support world-wide conservation Do you work o...
  • Give as you Live logo
    26 March 2012
    Sign up now to shop online through Give as you Live and they will donate £5 to World Land Trust (WLT), without costing you an extra penny Give as you Live brings together...
  • Orang-utan in Borneo, Malaysia
    12 March 2012
    World Land Trust (WLT) celebrates the protection of a wildlife corridor in Borneo with vital support from the Sabah state government Along the banks of the Kinabatangan River, i...
  • Yellow-shouldered Parrot chicks
    07 March 2012
    This Mother’s Day share your passion for saving the planet’s most vulnerable animals by donating to the new Margarita Island's Parrot Appeal This ethical green gif...
  • Rangers in the Brazilian nature reserve
    06 March 2012
    Discover more about the lives and work of our rangers who protect some of the most threatened habitats and wildlife on Earth It has been a year since World Land Trust (WLT) laun...
  • Fuertes’s Parrot in rainforest habitat, Colombia
    29 February 2012
    Once thought to be extinct, the rare Fuertes’s Parrot now urgently needs your vote. Help create a nature reserve to protect this spectacular bird before gold mining destroys...
  • Wildlife webcam captures coatis
    28 February 2012
    Live webcams for wildlife lovers are now on the World Land Trust (WLT) website, with a new instant chat feature to share your passion with like-minded people across the world Worl...
  • Roger Auster attempts a Guinness World Record™
    28 February 2012
    World Land Trust (WLT) supporter, Roger Auster, attempts to break a Guinness World Record™ as an exciting and original way of fundraising On July 17, Roger will bounce alo...
  • Tapichalaca tree frog (Hyla tapichalaca)
    28 February 2012
    Celebrate the success of amphibian conservation across the world on Leap Day, February 29, and raise awareness about the challenges these species still face World Land Trust (WL...


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