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  • February: Andean Condors: they need your vote! -  Blue-throated Macaw: declared national heritage species. - Guyra Paraguay: Grant to monitor Jaguar shows results- Kamila Zahno: the face of WLT’s legacy campaign.
  • January: Steve Backshall is fundraising for World Land Trust -  Corbett tiger corridor steady progress - Río Zuñac Reserve: new species of magnolia discovered- Paraguay project milestone


  • December: Thank you for your support in 2014 - Güisayote purchase will protect critically endangered frog- Cerro Candelaria extension protects wildlife in Ecuador
  • November: Ecuadorean cloud forest saved for precious plant life - Harpy Eagles recorded in Narupa Reserve, Ecuador
  • October: Fundraising success for Big Match Fortnight - Appeal target reached for land purchase in Atlantic forest
  • September: Big Cat Big Match Starts! - Vietnam project launches - Jane Pointer legacy
  • August:  Chris Packham and David Gower - WLT funding clinches deal on lagoon and montane forest property in Guatemala
  • July:  World Land Trust keeps spotlight on Brazil with Atlantic Forest appeal - World Land Trust announces Big Cat Big Match
  • June: Great Garden Give - World Land Trust saves 88,766 acres in past 12 months - WLT representatives applaud conservation efforts in Armenia
  • May: WLT achieves million pound target for Borneo Rainforest Appeal - WLT celebrates anniversary with supporters and partners - WLT backs forest conservation in Kenya for a second year
  • April:  Your votes helped win £25,000 for leopard conservation - Saved: old growth forest and rare cycads in Sierra Gorda
  • March: Save Armenia's leopard - Puro donation protects cloud forest in Honduras - WLT supports community reserve in Peru
  • February: Success for Borneo Rainforest Appeal - Nick Baker calls for a halt to deforestation in Paraguay - WLT funds extension of Andean forest reserve
  • January: Barba Azul Nature Reserve doubles in size - WLT saves area of remote Mexican wilderness - Bezoar Goat video reflects conservation success


  • December: Camera-trap revelation sheds new light on Caucasian Leopard - 2013, a memorable year - 124 acres of cloud forest saved
  • November: Big Match Fortnight exceeds expectations - Buy an Acre protects threatened forest in Ecuador - Caucasian Leopard: special appeal update
  • October: Borneo Rainforest Appeal tops £700,000 following Big Match Fortnight - More Atlantic Rainforest saved in south east Brazil
  • September: Bill Oddie calls on the public to help save Orang-utans - 2,500 acres saved in Colombia - Buy an Acre funding extends Mexico reserve
  • August: Controversial Conservation debate led by Chris Packham - Launch of the Borneo Rainforest Appeal - Caucasian Leopard in daylight - Landmark fund for Paraguay
  • July: Caucasian Leopard caught on video - Land purchase in Ecuador - Keeper of the Wild in Honduras - Wildlife encounters in Bolivia
  • June: Simon Barnes calls for action - Plants new to science in Mexico - Conservation award for Guyra Paraguay - Bruce Pearson in residence in WLT gallery
  • May: Syrian Brown Bear sighted in Caucasus Wildlife Refuge - NCI visit strengthens partnership - Margaritans rally to save island parrot
  • April: Award for conservation in Misiones - Darwin grant success in Guatemala - Support for conservation in Kenya - Camera-trap footage from Bolivia
  • March: Tigers recorded in Kerala corridor - Colombia land purchase - Giant clams in Danjugan - March hares & Easter eggs - Vote for rare Bolivian bird
  • February: Caucasian Leopard presence confirmed - Spotlight on Elephants - Saved from illegal logging - Birds & Bees exhibition
  • January: Chris Packham new patron - Review of 2012 - Ecotourism success Brazil - Edward Lear exhibition - Supporters fundraising efforts


  • December: Matumbo Gap land purchase - Bolivia: Buy an Acre in 2013 - Funds raised in Guatemala - Donors rally to the Big Give
  • November: Negotiations begin on land to protect the Caucasian Leopard - Borneo Million Pound Appeal - Big Give 2012 - Camera-trap competition winners
  • October: Pygmy Elephants and Orang-utans in Borneo can be saved - Lots of new land purchase - Run for the Rainforest - WLT gallery Festival of Wildlife exhibition
  • September: Save the Caucasian Leopard - Buy an Acre success in Mexico - Over 10 years of land purchase in Paraguay - Ancestor's Trail raises awareness and funds
  • August: Deforestation and climate change - Success for parrot appeal - New species of frog in Ecuador - Zoo keepers unite for global animal protection
  • July: Cloud forest saved for parrot - Chessington Zoo helps create reserve - Korean pop star, Seo Taiji has part of reserve named after him - Pictures of Life musical pageant - Fundraising tips from CBRE Charity Bike Ride team
  • June: New nature reserve created - Ranger saving parrot chicks - Plant a Tree for Father's Day - New David Attenborough webpages - Supporters walk the Ancestor's Trail
  • May: Landmark agreement with indigenous communities - The Body Shop Wood Positive - Year of the Bat - WLT supporter for Business Charity Award - Authors support Carbon Balanced paper
  • April: Acres for Easter – Rare Mountain Trogons spotted – Leave a legacy – Volunteer in a nature reserve – Andrew Squire's exhibition of birds – WLT supporter wins Entrepreneur of the Year
  • March: Mother's Day gift: save chicks – Orang-utans' land saved – Celebrating our rangers – Vote online to save Fuertes's Parrot – Wildlife webcams launched on our main website – Space hopper craze for conservation
  • Jan/Feb: Create rainforest for Valentine's - World's deadliest frog: saved – Nature reserves created 2011 – Big Give questionnaire – New art gallery exhibition – Top five fundraising ideas – Become a WLT Partner – Sir David Attenborough: Why I support WLT


  • December: Christmas Gifts that Save Rainforest - Orang-utan Homes: saved - The Big Give - How to help this month - What's new?
  • Oct/Nov: Join WLT in the Big Give Christmas Challenge - Explore the WLT's New Website - Emeralds for Elephants Grand Finale - News in brief
  • September: Remarkable Jaguar sightings in Paraguay - More land saved in Colombia and Ecuador - Defending one of the World's lesser-known biodiversity hotspots - News in brief
  • July: Paraguay land purchase success on deforestation frontier - WLT Council Member awarded MBE - Birds return to WLT's wildlife webcams for winter feast - news in brief
  • May: Celebrating World Conservation Day: New Orchids named for WLT supporters - Celebrating the beauty and diversity of Ecuador's unique plant life - Venezuelan community works together to develop plant nurseries - news in brief
  • March: Meet WLT's Keepers of the Wild - Camera Trap photography competition 2011 - Rare warbler spotted on Ecuadorian reserve - News in brief
  • Jan/Feb: Save rainforest this Valentines Day - Save an acre of pristine wildlife habitat for just £100 - Keepers of the Wild: Funding reserve rangers - News in brief


  • December: Saving pristine rainforest is the perfect Green Christmas Gift - A Christmas hit: new children's book; The Beauty Contest at the Zoo - WLT's e-cards are Christmas Greetings sent the easy way - News in brief
  • November: New and Live: WLT's wildlife webcam in Brazil - A new partner and a new region for WLT - WLT project partner wins international photography competition - News in brief
  • Sep/Oct: WLT's first land purchase in Africa - Natural History Museum Expedition into the Paraguayan Dry Chaco - NGOs inspire Government to protect wildlife corridors in India - News in brief
  • August: New Website Appeal: Defending the Chaco in Paraguay - New Resource: WLT encourages Running in the Corridors - New webchat feature on WLT webcams - News in brief
  • June/July: Elephant Parade and Emeralds raise funds for Asian Elephants - Reintroduction of Capuchins to Buenaventura Reserve - WTI convenes important meeting to discuss New Elephant Corridors - News in brief
  • May: WLT wins Gold Medal at Chelsea Flower Show - Guatemalan Park Guards prevent illegal palm leaf extraction - Close encounters with "Killer Bees" in Ecuador - News in brief
  • April: First evidence of wild orang-utan using rope bridge - New wildlife webcam on WLT website - WLT's first knowledge exchange with African NGOs is a success - News in brief
  • March: 180,000 trees planted to help protect the Great Green Macaw - Elephants take to the streets of London - WLT-US protect 158,000 acres in Peru - News in brief
  • February: International Year of Biodiversity: See WLT at Chelsea Flower Show - Biodiversity: Learn more with the WLT - Make this Year’s Valentines Day Green - News in brief


  • Winter: How to save rainforest this Christmas - World's smallest orchid discovered in WLT supported reserve - News in brief - Season's Greetings from the WLT team
  • Autumn: The Future for the Orang-utan: The Red Ape Debate, London, 27 Nov. - New WLT Christmas card: Poison Dart Frog - News in brief
  • September: Over one million acres of rainforest saved in Peru - Buying Acres — a popular choice - Watch Mark Carwardine and Stephen Fry in Last Chance to See - Webcam in the Forest: Now with sound! - News in brief
  • May: Saving acres, gift certificates and where your money goes: Tell us your views - New Appeal: Saving Sharpe's Longclaw habitat in Kenya - News in brief
  • April: Corridors for elephants and tigers: New appeal - WLT Orang-utan Conservation Debate: Watch it LIVE online - Orang-utan Appeal: Fundraising for first land purchase completed; and next one under way - News in brief
  • Spring: WLT signs new project partnerships in Africa - Paraguay's President visits the Pantanal Reserve - Volunteer opportunities with WLT & Partners - News in Brief
  • February: Make a pledge & Win Rainforest Safari Book - Feel good about the rainforests! - New Project in Guatemala - Last minute Valentine gift acres & e-greetings - News in brief


  • Christmas: Orang-utan Appeal: Now ready for first land purchase in Borneo - Send Christmas ecards – and help raise money for the World Land Trust - Create a fundraising page to support wildlife conservation - News in brief - Season's Greetings from World Land Trust
  • Winter: World's first protected area for the Blue-throated Macaw - Endangered species may benefit from credit crunch - Carbon offset your Christmas to help restore degraded wildlife habitats - News in brief
  • October: See comedian Tony Hawks talk about his Paraguay experience: tickets still available - Orang-utan Appeal: A third of target amount raised - Ecuador: A New Cat Species for Fundación Jocotoco? - Watch wildlife videos, upload your own and win - News in brief
  • September: Urgent Orang-utan Appeal in Borneo - Ecuador update: new species of frogs discovered - New newsletter from WLT-US - Get wildlife & nature desktop backgrounds - Corporate Supporter News - News in brief
  • July: Special fundraising issue - Your Big Day could save tropical forests - Fundraising News & Tips - Ecuador update: Nest-box project to boost parakeet numbers - New protection for Andean cloud forest in eastern Ecuador - News in brief
  • June: WLT to save Orang-utan habitat in Borneo - New Land Saved in Brazil & Ecuador - Symposium: Making Protected Areas Financially Sustainable - News in brief
  • April: WLT, Guyra and Government to conserve 2.5-million acres in Paraguay - Funding needed for urgent sheep fencing removal in Patagonia - Mexican Partner visits the UK - Meet the WLT team at London Aware '08 - News in brief
  • February/March: Jaguar captured in broad day light - New land purchases in Ecuador and Paraguay - Birdwatching in Brazil at REGUA: report provides maps and advice - Just Walk and raise money for conservation - WLT and WLT-US strengthen partnership - News in brief
  • January: David Attenborough launches WLT's wildlife webcam - Forest destined for logging saved! - Seduce your Valentine with Rainforest and Chocolate this year! - Getting Married? Use GiveIt's The Alternative Wedding List - News in brief


  • Winter: Bird feeders in Ecuador attract nightly visitors - This Christmas... The gift that lasts forever - Christmas greetings with or without paper! - Ecuador: New Frog Discovered in Buenaventura - Saving Paraguayan landscapes with your help - News in brief
  • September: Ecuador: Red-Listed Parakeets find refuge in Tapichalaca Reserve - Ecuador: Endangered rodents order 'Take-away' in Tapichalaca - Brazil: REGUA Volunteers report on their time in the Atlantic forest - Ecuador: Spectacled Bears habitat secured - News in brief
  • Summer: Paraguay: Otter spotting in the Pantanal, where the Three Giants Lodge is becoming a reality - Brazil: Competition winner enjoys her stay in the Atlantic rainforest - Ecuador: New land purchases and wildlife photos - What is Cool Earth, if not what World Land Trust has been doing for nearly two decades? - News in brief
  • April/May: Ecuador: Jocotoco Antpittas monitored to increase protection - Brazil: New land purchase expands reserve - Mexico: More wildlife caught on camera - News in brief
  • March: Mexico: First photograph of a Jaguar in Sierra Gorda - Earth Day 2007: Get texting and help save 1 million acres - Ecuador: El Oro Parakeet nesting success in Buenaventura - India: Elephants reclaim vacated land - Buy a wildlife photo and support conservation - News in brief
  • January/February: Ecuador Update: Howler Monkeys, Inga Trees and an Award - Other Project News and Wildlife Photos - Help Create a Valentine's Day Reserve in Brazil - Artists and Authors Supporting Conservation - News in Brief


  • December: What happens to rainforest that is unprotected? - Thank you for your support! - Make your last minute Christmas shopping benefit conservation - News in Brief - Seasons Greetings from the World Land Trust team
  • November: Rare monkey sighted in Brazil - Vice President of Paraguay launches Chaco-Pantanal project - WLT supporters help protect rainforest in Brazil - Land purchase as strategy for biodiversity conservation - Dreaming of a green Christmas: Gifts for all - News in brief
  • October: Give a little, save a lot this “National Giving Week” - Ecuador update: New wildlife sightings - eBulletin appeal receives tremendous response - News in brief
  • September: Special endangered species issue - Endangered species at Tapichalaca - Red Billed Curassow back in REGUA Reserve after 30 year gap - Big cat spotting - More than just Elephants using wildlife corridors - News in Brief
  • July: World Land Trust: Hands across the Ocean - Towards a One-Million Acre Reserve in the Amazon Rainforest - Brazil Update: Otter Research at Guapi Assu - Blackpool Zoo helps WLT save threatened habitats - News in Brief
  • June: Wild Spaces: a New Initiative from the World Land Trust - First "Wild Spaces" Supporter Zoo: Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens - India Update: New Elephant Corridor in Southern India - Carbon Balanced Holidays by - News in Brief
  • May: Ecuador Update: A New Reserve and 4,500 Acres Saved - Patagonia Update: Oil-coated Penguins Rescued - Hire an Orchid AND Save a Rainforest - News in Brief
  • April: Brazil Update: A Sanctuary for the Woolly Spider Monkey - Educational Tours at Rainforest Cafe Save Tropical Forests - Hand-made Greeting Cards Support Wildlife - WLT News in Brief
  • March: World Land Trust to Form Alliance with World Parks - Brazil Update: REGUA Busy Saving the Atlantic Rainforest - Sponsor News: Two New World Land Trust Sponsors - News in Brief - Get Involved: How do you prefer to donate to charities? (Poll)
  • January/February: Paraguay Update: WLT Buys 10,000 Acre Reserve - Reef & Mangrove Appeal: First Projects Underway - WLT Returns to Brazil to Protect the Atlantic Rainforest - Valentine's Day Gift Offer: Buy an Acre and Get a Divine Fairtrade Chocolate Bar - WLT News in Brief - Get Involved: What would you like to read about in the eBulletin?


  • November/December: Ecuador Update: Endangered Bird on the Road to Recovery - Christmas Shopping that Benefits the World Land Trust - Elephants Come to the Skating Rink... - ...And Patagonia Comes to the Royal Geographical Society - WLT News in Brief - Seasons Greetings from the World Land Trust team
  • October: Climate Change and Nature Conservation: The science behind the story, Working with local communities in Ecuador & WLT's climate change policy - Rainforest Acres for a Green Christmas Gift - The Chaco: Grassland Under Threat - WLT News in Brief
  • September: Ecuador Update: Endangered Bird Found in New WLT Reserve - More Ecuador News: New Land and Homes for Macaws - Watch Indian Films and Support WLT's Elephant Corridor Project - Order Wildlife Christmas Cards from the WLT - News in Brief
  • August: Important Message to all eBulletin Subscribers - Daryl Hannah Braves 'Harsh Environment' for Conservation - WLT at the Bird Fair: Promoting Conservation - Save Wildlife When You Take Out a Mortgage - WLT News in Brief -
    Get Involved: Share Your Views on Fundraising Expenditure
  • July: Ecuador Update: Jocotoco Foundation Bird "Emblem of the City" - A Race for the Rainforests: WLT Supporters Run for Wildlife - WLT Patron David Attenborough Awarded Honorary Doctorate - News in Brief - Get Involved: Become a WLT Partner
  • June: India special issue - India Update: WLT to Protect More Elephant Corridors - Support the India Project and Receive a Report on Wildlife Corridors - Elephant Slideshow Evening Raises Money and Awareness - Thoughts on India and Foreign Aid - India News in Brief - Other News in Brief
  • May: Ecuador Update: Endangered Frogs Discovered in WLT Reserve - Raises Over £5000 for Ecuador's Rainforest - Carbon Balanced: Launch of Website Helping Individuals - Payroll Giving in the UK – Help at Hand - News in Brief
  • April: Focus on Wildlife Volunteering - Volunteering for Wildlife in Ecuador... - ...And Saving Macaws in Costa Rica - Volunteer for Wildlife – in Your Own Garden - Online Volunteering Resources - Celebrate Your Special Occasion by Helping Wildlife... - ...Create a "Wedding List" for WLT - WLT News in Brief - Get Involved: What Do You Think of Charity 'Freebies'?
  • February/March: Carbon Balanced Helps Businesses Reduce Carbon Emissions - Save Rainforest When Booking Airport Parking - Paraguay Update: San Rafael Suffering Serious Forest Fire - Patagonia Update: Princesa Returns to the Wild - News in Brief - Get Involved: Green Shopping Poll
  • January: See Bill Oddie in Patagonia on BBC2 - The Aftermath of the Tsunami - Ecuador Update: WLT Helps Fundación Jocotoco Purchase New Land - WLT News in Brief - Get Involved: Visit a WLT Conservation Project


  • December: Rainforest Acres Prove Popular Christmas Gift - A Winter Festival for Conservation? - Green Tips for the Christmas Holidays - WLT News in Brief
  • November: BBC TV Obtains Rare Footage in Patagonia - Following in the Footsteps of The Jungle Book - Top Marks for Focus on Forests - WLT News in Brief - Making Christmas Wildlife Friendly
  • October: Deciduous Forest Saved - Wildlife Art Reception Highlights Forest Threats in Belize - New Christmas Cards Available - Good Gifts Catalogue - Christmas Gifts that Support Charities - WLT News in Brief - Design a TreeCard - Win Woodland Animal Stamps
  • September: Donated Conservation Books Help Stop Smugglers - Bill Oddie to Visit Ranch of Hopes - Open Day at Kites Hill ...and the Red Kites are Back in Town - Amazon World Helps Save the Amazon Forest - News in Brief
  • July/August: Meet the World Land Trust at the British Birdwatching Fair - Belize update: Research Students Spot Jaguar - Save an Acre When You Buy a PC - WLT News in Brief - Get Involved with the World Land Trust: Volunteer Professional Indexer Wanted
  • June: Habitat of Endangered Parrot Protected - and Size of Ecuador Reserves Double in Three Years - Orchid Display by Enterprise Plants Save Rainforest in Ecuador - and so does Rainforest Day at Holbury Junior School - Conservation & Project Administration: Course Details Now Available - WLT Supporter Survey and a Chance for You to Get Involved
  • May: Burrowing Parrots Under Threat in Patagonia - WLT to Support Reforestation Programme in Majorca - Patagonia Wildlife Refuge gets 'Recycled' Greenhouse - Books For Conservation – Helping NGO's Worldwide
  • April: 'Food for Conservation' Saves Threatened Habitats and Wildlife - Focus on Forests: Order your free booklet now - New conservation books reviewed - Arabic speaker wanted for translation of conservation website
  • March: Jaguar Cars fund research at the Rio Bravo - Woollies for sale: a bid for Sustainable Development - New Diploma Course in Conservation and Project Administration - Get a chocolate Easter treat when you save an acre - 'Food for Conservation' to raise money for WLT projects
  • February: Orchid discoveries make Tapichalaca reserve a site of special scientific importance - La Esperanza gains Wildlife Refuge status - WLT able to send first funds to save the Indian elephant - Endangered fauna of the Arabian peninsula - Valentines Day Acres a great success
  • January: Southern Sea Lion colony at all time high - 5 star rating awarded to educational forest conservation website “Focus on Forests” - Christopher Parsons Rainforest to be expanded - New intern at the World Land Trust - Donate a recipe and win a signed Bruce Pearson print - Looking for a unique Valentine's Gift?


  • December: The Independent helps the World Land Trust to boost rainforest conservation - Last minute Christmas greetings - Carbon Balance your Christmas celebrations
  • November: New Species of Treefrog discovered in Ecuador - Jaguar numbers in Belize increasing - Elizabeth Jane Howard hosts Belizean reception in Suffolk - Bulgarian National Trust study tour resounding success - Art exhibition raises money for World Land Trust - Christmas card reminder... and WLT's electronic TreeCards
  • September/October: Rainforest saved in memory of Christopher Parsons - Indian Elephant Project launched at Mall Galleries - Exhibition of Wildlife Art - News in brief - Order our new Christmas cards for 2003 - A legacy for wildlife
  • August: Make sure you can get the eBulletin - Sir David Attenborough launches the Christopher Parsons Rainforest - and joins the WLT as Patron - New India project update - Travel-Nation - Staff changes at the WLT
  • June: New look for Website and eBulletin - Rare Species on WLT reserves - New Project - Carbon Balance flying - Christopher Parsons appeal.
  • May: Captive bred Harpy Eagles released in Belize - Patagonian wildlife rescued from fire - update - Save Money and Support the WLT at the same time
  • February/March: Fire in Patagonia - Christmas Card Competition - Painting Auction Update - New trustee joins WLT - launched
  • January: A Whale of an Auction - Bruce Pearson donates paintings to WLT Take your Valentine to the Rainforest (or send them one) - New land Purchase for Ecuador announced - New Intern to Join WLT Team


  • December: Christmas edition -Last minute Christmas Gifts & Unusual Valentines -Tree Planting at Kites Hill -Wildlife Stories - Maned Wolf & Ocellated Turkeys - Obituary for Christopher Parsons, OBE -Carbon Balance your Christmas & New year
  • November: Carbon Balanced edition - Introducing Carbon Balanced by the WLT - New Carbon Balancing Website launched -DFID "Focus on Forests" Website progresses - WLT on the BBC
  • October: Patagonia special - Puma and Geoffroy's Cat - La Esperanza news - East Anglia celebrates Patagonia success - Spanish Web Site - Books for NGOs
  • September: Website updates - Support for WLT - Kalimantan appeal - Wildlife Art Society - Volunteers -Books for NGOs
  • August: New eBulletin - Ecuador Update - Uganda News - New Staff member joins WLT - Questionnaire
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