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This section of the website posts reviews of books about conservation, natural history and the environment.

Some of the titles relate to projects of World Land Trust (WLT), others are field guides, handbooks and children's books. Also included are books that raise money for the Trust.

Some authors donate a percentage of the cover price to WLT, and where this is the case, it is indicated in the review. Other authors donate their public lending rights through the Green Ink initiative.

Reviews are by WLT staff and supporters. Opinions expressed are those of the reviewer and prices quoted are for a guide only.

Click on the book titles below to read the full reviews, and if you have any comments or would like to submit a review, please contact us.

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Many of the books reviewed by WLT are available from NHBS Everything for wildlife, science and environment online bookstore, which not only provides numerous discounts but also supports WLT.

At the end of a review check to see if there is a link to the book's page on the NHBS Everything for wildlife, science and environment website. If after clicking on an NHBS Everything for wildlife, science and environment link from one of our reviews you then buy that book from NHBS Everything for wildlife, science and environment bookstore, WLT will receive a percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you.

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Borrow library books by Green Ink authors

Green Ink is an initiative which enables authors and artists to donate their public lending rights to WLT to save habitats. This means that if you borrow from the library certain titles by Green Ink authors, WLT benefits.

Titles that support WLT through Green Ink are indicated in the summary text below and by the Green Ink logo on the review page. Find out more about Green Ink »

Book Reviews

  • Meat: A Benign Extravagance: front cover shot.
    This book is concerned with the environmental ethics of eating meat. It is just the ticket for anyone interested to explore further the facts and fiction of the ecological impact of livestock farming.
  • A Sting in the Tale front cover.
    A delightful book; genuine research leavened by anecdote and historical asides. Written with an easy style, humorous but full of sound scientific information, by a man who clearly cares about his subject.
  • Front cover of the book
    An ground breaking inventory of the amphibian and reptile species within the reserves of our Ecuadorian partners, Fundacion Jocotoco and Ecominga
  • Jabujicaba front cover.
    A young journalist Carmen Macedo finds herself on an assignment to uncover corrupt land deals in the Brazilian Amazon. The investigation takes her back to her roots, forcing her to confront painful memories from her childhood and inspiring her to make an emotional connection with the jungle and the legendary fruit of the Jabujicaba tree.
  • Eyes of the Wild front cover.
    In Eyes of the Wild, author Eleanor O’Hanlon takes readers on a spiritual journey to explore “the natural connection between the animals, the rhythms and cycles of the Earth and the waking of the soul within each one of us.”
  • Mindfulness and the Natural World book cover.
    I declare an interest. This is not an impartial review, because the author is Claire Thompson, who was an intern at World Land Trust (WLT), and then joined the staff (we couldn’t let her go). She finally managed to escape and went to work for BirdLife International.
  • Noble Savages title page
    It would be easy to just say this is a book that debunks the myth of the noble savage. It certainly does that, but it does far, far more for our understanding of how tribes that have not had contact with the so-called civilised world, behave, and probably how all our ancestors behaved to a greater or lesser degree.
  • Green Poems for a Blue Planet front cover
    Martin Kiszko’s book of green poems takes an alternative view of environmental issues. But although the tone is mainly humorous, the subject is deadly serious.
  • Fun & Games at the Zoo
    Children's author, Kevin Price, publishes his sequel to The Beauty Contest at the Zoo, continuing the theme of humorous rhymes and fantastic pictures, but this time with lots of fun, animal-related activities for children.
  • Crazy Creepy Crawlies book cover
    Children’s author, Kevin Price, publishes his third rhyming story that will fuel young readers curiosity for the natural world as they follow the plight of charismatic insects.
  • Handbook cover image
    A mammoth undertaking that has to be admired, and will doubtless be a major work of reference for a long time to come.
  • Hawkmoths of the Serra dos Orgaos
    This is a publication which I hope will stimulate many more, in many other parts of the world. Field Guides are a crucial first step to conservation.
  • Field Guide to Birds of Colombia
    Published in 2010 this field guide is a must for anyone planning a visit to Colombia. More species of birds have been identified in Colombia than any other country – to date 1,880 and the list continues to rise each year.
  • Beauty Contest at the Zoo
    Twins Mathew and Thomas, aged two-and-a-half, won’t be separated from their copy of Beauty Contest at the Zoo. ‘The book goes everywhere with them, they absolutely love it’ says Mum, Sophie. This book supports WLT through Green Ink.
  • Gaia Warriors book cover
    The book is straight to the point and explains everything there is to know about climate change issues. Nicola Davies chatty style explains complex scientific ideas, making them easy for children to grasp, without being patronised. This book supports WLT through Green Ink.
  • The Oaks of Chevithorne Barton
    This is a remarkable book in many ways... a very comprehensive guide to the world’s oaks... I hope inspire people to save the natural forests where they occur.
  • The Handbook of Mammals of the World
    This is a magnificent and visionary undertaking: the first comprehensive account of all the known mammals of the world. And if the first volume is anything to go by, it will be lavishly illustrated, with comprehensive data.
  • Rainforest Safari
    For some years now, we have accepted the fact that it is our duty to feel bad about the rainforest. But now we have a book with a radical new take on that notion. The implication, on every page is this: why don't we all change our minds and feel good about the rainforest?
  • Live Organic
    Brilliant ideas to purify your lifestyle and feel good about it... Wide ranging and detailed information and tips on how to make changes in your everyday life to become more organic.
  • Going, Going, Gone?
    Draws upon the expert knowledge of 100 conservation groups from around the world, each nominating the species that gives them most cause for concern.


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