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Crazy Creepy Crawlies

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Crazy Creepy Crawlies book cover

By Kevin Price, Illustrations by Robin Carter
Published KAMA Publishing, 2012 - £5.99

Dillon Burgess, aged three-and-a-half, declares that when it comes to Crazy Creepy Crawlies: "Ladybirds are my favourite, but her Mum should know that she always has spots. I wouldn't want to be a Dung Beetle and have to eat elephant poo!"

Five year old Oli Jones gave a thumbs up to this book: "I really like the book Crazy Creepy Crawlies because bugs are cool and I go and hunt them in the garden. My favourites are bees because they make honey and I like in the book the worker bees demanding money for honey, which is funny. I also like butterflies because they are beautiful and worms because my mummy says they are good for the garden.

Crazy Creepy Crawlies

"The pictures in the book are bright and colourful and the rhymes are funny. I have seen lots of beetles but I have not seen one that eats poo, I would not like to do that, but it is good that dung beetles help get rid of it. I do not like flies and I though the lady chasing the fly with her shoe was good. It was good that Sylvester the spider eats flies and I like spiders because they have eight eyes and eight legs and I was happy to learn about the Goliath Tarantula that is 11 inches across, but I wish it didn't eats birds.

"Willie the wasp looks mean and that is because wasps sting people and I got stung by one when I was picking blackberries with my dad, and it hurt a lot. I think Lottie the ladybird is trying to trick her mum because she has spots and says she is ill but ladybirds always have spots. Some of the pictures are not real and are made up because the centipede and ladybird have shoes and the millipede's Granny knitted a thousand socks. I have never seen a creepy crawly of any sort in shoes and socks. I am sorry for the woodworm because it cannot find a nice wooden table and I do not like plastic tables either."

Crazy Creepy Crawlies

Lottie the ladybird is trying to trick her mum because she has spots, saying she's ill. Our young reviewers can see straight through her! © KAMA Publishing

Crazy Creepy Crawlies is written for children between three and seven, in fun rhyme that will gently stretch their vocabulary while making them laugh. Stunningly illustrated by Robin Carter, the story gives a cleverly understated message about the important role that insects play within the nature world. In an information section at the back of the book, a contribution by World Land Trust (WLT) is included for parents or older siblings engage them with interesting facts about insects and their importance.

Kevin’s printers, Barnwell Print based in Norfolk, are committed to best environmental practise and use Carbon Balanced Paper for all his books. By printing on Carbon Balanced Paper, Crazy Creepy Crawlies has been able to save 1,175 kg of carbon and preserve 99 sqm of critically threatened tropical rainforest, working through WLT.

Crazy Creepy Crawlies will not only inspire children's interest in the natural world, but will also help protect threatened habitats and wildlife for future generations through donations to WLT. The book is available from WLT and a wide range of bookshops and retail outlets, as well as Amazon.

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