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Eyes of the Wild

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Eyes of the Wild front cover.

By Eleanor O’Hanlon
Earth Books
ISBN 978-1-84694-957-9

In Eyes of the Wild, Eleanor O’Hanlon takes readers on a spiritual journey to the land of Whale, Bear, Wolf and Horse to explore “the natural connection between the animals, the rhythms and cycles of the Earth and the waking of the soul within each one of us.”

The book tells of the author's exploration of some of the world's remotest reaches - the Russian taiga forest, the Siberian coast of the Bering Strait, the Northern Rockies, the High Arctic and the edges of the Arctic pack ice - and the connections she makes with the creatures that inhabit these wild places. 

The account communicates beautifully and lyrically the “dynamic flow of energy through the wild” and its ability to transform us spiritually.

Eyes of the Wild has received many positive reviews.

“It’s a delight of a book, beautifully written and full of insight. My very core is touched by it. It is a precious pearl formed from the grit and pain born from a great love of nature, a deep connection with the wild and the desire to protect and preserve it at all costs. I want to read and savour every word and give it to all my friends.” (Maddy Harland, Editor, Permaculture Magazine)

“We fell in love with this book the moment we saw it. Eleanor O’Hanlon takes us into the magnificent wilderness areas still remaining on Earth to experience the wisdom and wonder of the natural connection between animals, the rhythms and cycles of the Earth and the waking of the soul within each person. Her eloquent descriptions of the stunning landscapes and the wild creatures she meets will fill you with understanding, love and respect for the animal-beings with whom we share this planet.” (Cygnus Books)

“A lovely, impossible to categorize book...a unique and fascinating blend of personal experience, science, shamanic wisdom and storytelling.” (Marion Van Eyck, Editor, GreenSpirit Magazine)

Eyes of the Wild: Journeys of Transformation with the Animal Powers is available in paperback; Kindle edition also available

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