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Fun & Games at the Zoo

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Fun & Games at the Zoo

By Kevin Price, Illustrations by Vicky Fieldhouse
Kama Publishing, 2012 - £5.99

This is a favourite book with Olivia Millard, aged four-and-a-half, daughter of World Land Trust (WLT) Admin Assistant, Claire Millard. Claire says her children can be found 'roaring like lions and hanging like bats' at bedtime!

Children's author, Kevin Price, publishes his sequel to The Beauty Contest at the Zoo, continuing the theme of humorous rhymes and fantastic pictures, but this time with lots of fun, animal-related activities for children. Once again he brings Maisie and Bertie to life, playing games with the animals such as racing with the cheetah, bouncing with the kangaroo, pulling funny faces like the monkeys and hanging upside down like the fruit bats before finally snuggling up with the bear in his den at bedtime.

Says Olivia, "I really love this book and have read it lots of times with Mummy and my brother Ben who is eight. I like the rhymes and we love joining in with Maisie and Bertie.  I don't have any other story books where you can do this. My favourite games are roaring loudly like a lion (which made my throat a bit sore!) and hanging upside down on the bed like a beautiful bat (but my brother had to show me how to do this without falling off). I think this would be a good book to read at school with my friends because they could all join in too and we could have competitions and games like all the animals.

The pictures are great and I liked looking for the chipmunks on every page as some are hiding and quite tricky to find!"

Fun & Games at the Zoo
Fun & Games at the Zoo

Maisie hangs like a bat, while the lion shows off his roar


Each spread features colourful artwork by Vicky Fielding. There are many educational aspects too: enjoying learning to count to ten by finding the chipmunks hiding on every page and understanding animal communications and behaviour. Already a bedtime favourite.

WLT is featured in the book and there is a poem on saving animals in the wild at the end of the book; a donation is made to WLT for every copy sold. Kevin's printers, Barnwell Print based in Norfolk, are committed to best environmental practise and use Carbon Balanced Paper for all his books.  By printing on Carbon Balanced Paper, Fun & Games at the Zoo has been able to save 10,775 kg of carbon and preserve 90.47 sqm of critically threatened tropical rainforest, working through WLT.

Fun & Games at the Zoo will not only inspire children's interest in the natural world, but will also help protect threatened habitats and wildlife for future generations. The book is available from WLT as well as a wide range of bookshops and retail outlets, as well as Amazon.

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