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By Nicola Davies with an afterword by Gaia Theory creator James Lovelock
Walker books Limited, 2009 - £9.99

World Land Trust (WLT) and project partner, Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda (GESG) have contributed to a new children’s book on climate change called Gaia Warriors. An interview with Roberto Pedraza technical advisor for GESG, focuses on their work protecting tropical forest and how this helps to prevent climate change. The WLT main website and carbon balanced site are also given as an examples of “how forest saving can really help”.

The book itself is straight to the point and explains everything there is to know about climate change issues. Nicola Davies chatty style explains complex scientific ideas, making them easy for children to grasp, without being patronised. The book is of two halves, firstly providing all information on the subject, by covering topics under headings everyone wants the answers to, for example ‘what is climate change’ and ‘but hasn’t climate always changed?’ The second half focuses on possible solutions, providing information and ideas about preventing climate change by organisations and individuals around the world.

Throughout, interviews with scientists, campaigners, and children from around the world who are affected by climate change make the ‘bigger picture’ personal and mean children will relate to the ideas. Gaia Warriors also provides information on the best places to go to find further information, which will be useful for older children doing their own research on the subject.

Bright graphics and a clear layout, makes Gaia Warriors the perfect starting point for children learning about climate change. In fact the simple style means this is a good starting point for anybody wanting the science behind this topic made easy.

Nicola Davies is an author and WLT supporter, assigning the public lending rights for some of her future books to WLT through Green Ink.

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Review by Charlotte Beckham

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