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Going, Going, Gone?

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Going, Going, Gone?

Animals and Plants on the Brink of Extinction and How You Can Help

By Malcom Tait
Published by Think Publishing Ltd, 2008

Draws upon the expert knowledge of 100 conservation groups from around the world, each nominating the species that gives them most cause for concern.

Not the type of book I'd want to sit down and read from start to finish, but a good one to dip in and out of every now and again when it takes your fancy. Great for browsing through and finding bits that jump out and interest you, there'll be many, and they won't necessarily be things you'd expect.

An interesting read for a wide range of wildlife enthusiasts, the book is packed with information provided by NGO's, about all sorts of endangered species and habitats. Even for those with knowledge of endangered wildlife it's likely you'll find some species you had not previously realised were under threat. If you're looking for detailed information however, you may be disappointed, as the text is limited, but there are always sources for further information provided, as well as tips on how to help.

Each page has been compiled by an organisation that strives to protect that species or their habitat, and why they think that it is important. The World Land Trust has put forward a page on Tropical Rainforest, its importance to our planet, and what you can do to help. It is a good way for the charities to advertise themselves and the work they do, and allows you to find out about those charities that you may not have known existed. For the World Land Trust it also means that we are reaching a wider audience to promote the Trust's work, and as a result the number of acres of rainforest bought as gifts over the Christmas period rose significantly. The Trust raised an impressive £90,000 during the month of December through acres purchased as gifts for friends and loved ones.

There are many familiar photographs of species and habitat that I'd expect to come across in a book about endangered wildlife, but the thing I really liked about Going, Going, Gone, was that among the images of elephants, lions, pandas and rainforest, there were species and habitats that I would rarely think about. For instance did you know that the Little Whirlpool Ram's-Horn Snail, Ponds, and the Delhi Sands Flower-Loving Fly are all endangered? Wildlife such as these are a reminder of how important all species are in maintaining the biodiversity of our planet.

If you come across this book there is at least one page which you must read, dedicated to Lonesome George, the last living giant tortoise of his kind. It broke my heart, and made me realise just how sad it would be for so many other of earth's inhabitants to go the same way.

Review by Jenny Towill

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