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Ranger Berjaya Elahan helps protect Orang-utans

Reserve ranger: Berjaya Elahan
Country: Malaysian Borneo
Partner: HUTAN

Home to 80 per cent of Malaysia's Orang-utan population, ranger Berjaya is working in the Sabah state of north-east Borneo to protect this rainforest habitat from destruction by the oil palm industry.

He is passionate about safeguarding some of Borneo's most iconic species, from Orang-utans to Bornean Pygmy Elephant – the world's smallest elephant – and the distinctive Proboscis Monkey with the longest nose of all primates, which is endemic to Borneo and found no-where else on Earth.

Berjaya said: "Being a reserve ranger has changed my life; I am now able to share my passion for conservation, especially in protecting wildlife and nature."

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