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Ranger Jesus Recalde with WLT’s Conservation Programmes Officer

Reserve ranger: Jesus Recalde
Country: Ecuador
Partner: Fundación EcoMinga

Working with his brother Luis high in the eastern Andes of Ecuador, ranger Jesus protects Fundación EcoMinga's nature reserves from illegal hunting, logging and environmental damage. The reserves are home to a wealth of diverse plant and animal life, with species new to science being discovered regularly in the area.

Jesus was a hunter before he became a ranger. His change of heart came when he wounded a female monkey in a hunting trip. "I'm ashamed to say that I was a hunter", says Jesus. "Hunting is part of what we do here when we live off the land. I've done things that I shouldn't have, ever since I was a child." From this moment, Jesus's attitude changed and, rather than cutting down the trees  on his smallholding, he started to plant them.

A few years later, Jesus met Lou Jost, co-founder of Fundación EcoMinga. "Lou discovered that I planted flowers and trees for the birds. So he contracted me to work with him because he knew that I was no longer a hunter and that I really respected the flora and fauna," explains Jesus.

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