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Ranger Messias

Reserve ranger: Messias Gomes da Silva
Country: Brazil
Partner organisation: REGUA

Ranger Messias was born and raised in a community near the Guapi Assu Reserve (REGUA) but moved to the city to work as a night watchman. His love of the forest inspired him to return and REGUA gave him the opportunity to work in the Atlantic Rainforest.

Messias’ work includes maintaining trails, removing illegal hunting camps and animal traps, guiding researchers, visitors and volunteers in the forest and gathering seeds for REGUA’s reforestation programme.

Messias says: “My work is very important for the protection of the forest. I have always had a passion for nature and now as one of REGUA’s ranger I can actually do much more for it than in the past.

Read about ranger Messias's wildlife encounters and adventures from the field:

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