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Ranger Pablo Antonio Millán helps protect a nature reserve on Margarita Island, Venezuela

Reserve ranger: Pablo Antonio Millán
Country: Venezuela
Partner organisation: Asociación Civil Provita

On Margarita Island, off the north coast of Venezuela in the Caribbean, ranger Pablo is working tirelessly with the local community to safeguard Yellow-shouldered Parrots.

The parrots are classified as Endangered on the island, despite it being one of the last strongholds for this species. They are threatened by the illegal collection for the pet trade and their habitat is being destroyed by sand mining for the construction industry. Pablo took over from ranger Franklin as WLT's official Keeper of the Wild at the beginning of 2012.

Pablo said: "It gives me great satisfaction when I see the fledgling parrot chicks coming out of their nests. I feel enormous happiness when I watch them flying, knowing that they are free."

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