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Ranger Gabriela gently handling an armadillo

Reserve ranger: Gabriela Valenzuela Mareco
Country: Paraguay
Partner: Guyra Paraguay

In 2011 Gabriela became a Keeper of the Wild in the Dry Chaco of Paraguay, an environment that has been described as the most inhospitable on the planet. Home to uncontacted indigenous people, much of this wilderness is impenetrable but supports some of the most diverse wildlife on Earth.

Gabriela specialised in fire control; a skill that is vital in the dry season, when fire can be a major threat to the forests, wildlife and surrounding communities.

Despite the Dry Chaco’s reputation, for Gabriela it has a unique beauty: “Our Chaco sky is full of stars and stellar bursts - night time in the Chaco is one of the most spectacular attractions.”

Gabriela is no longer a Keeper of the Wild.

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