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Ranger Le Quoc Hieu

Reserve ranger: Quoc Hieu
Country: Vietnam
Partner organisation: Viet Nature Conservation Centre

On his daily foot patrols Quoc Hieu must be ready for emergencies such as forest fires and illegal logging. He explains: “I have encountered both hunters and poachers. When they have home made guns, knives and crossbows, then the situation can get out of control, but if that looks likely to happen I call the station chief for back up.”

Quoc Hieu is highly motivated and dedicated to his work, which can undoubtedly be frustrating at times. He explains: “Sometimes I can’t protect the forest as well as I’d like due to hazards such as hunters and poachers with weapons. In addition, hilly terrain and severe weather conditions such as strong wind and heavy rain hinder the patrol and reserve management. The forest is large and there are so many risks in there and our equipment and resources are limited.”

Quoc Hieu is keen to acquire new skills to assist his work: “I would benefit from training in plant and animal identification, in species surveying, data collection and processing to enhance my professional competence.”

He has been a ranger at the Management of Dong Chau Protected Forest since 2010. Since becoming a ranger his life has changed: “I’ve become more responsible for myself, my family and society, more careful in the way I speak to people. My daily life has become more flexible as I’ve had to adapt to the different demands of my work.”

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