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Ranger Venancio protects a nature reserve that is home to one of the deadliest frogs on Earth

Reserve ranger: Venancio Florez Lopez
Country: Colombia
Partner: Fundación ProAves

Ranger Venancio helps protect the Rana Terribilis Amphibian Reserve in westernmost Colombia, home to healthy population of Endangered Golden Poison Frog - one of the deadliest creatures on the planet.

Just 55mm in size, this tiny vibrant frog carries a single milligram of toxin: a small but lethal dose. A single frog could hold enough poison to kill about 10 humans.

Venancio believes his work is vital because there has never been a conservation project in his region of Colombia before. He said: "It's important to transmit the importance of conservation to the next generation, so that in the future we do not lose the biodiversity which surrounds us."

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