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World Land Trust (WLT) works with partner organisations across the world to support conservation projects in a variety of innovative ways. Donating to the Action Fund is the easiest and most effective way to support the range of WLT's work, allowing us to respond quickly when urgent conservation intervention is needed.

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What is the WLT Action Fund?

The Action Fund allows WLT the flexibility to direct money where it is most urgently needed, allowing us to react to the changing circumstances faced by our partners.

Where will your Action Fund donation go?

Your donation will be allocated to any one of our conservation projects across the world as most urgently needed. You can support the Action Fund as a one off donation or by becoming a WLT Friend and making a regular donation by direct debit for as little as £5 a month; this is invaluable to WLT as it allows us to plan future conservation projects secure in the knowledge that we already have your committed support.

Why donate to the Action Fund?

  • Your donation will be used where it is most urgently needed
  • It allows WLT to respond quickly when urgent conservation intervention is needed
  • You can support the Action Fund with a single donation, regular donation or as a gift

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