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With such a large landmass, Brazil’s biomes vary widely, making it the most biodiverse country in the world. From the dense rain forests of the Amazon, to flooded wetlands of the Pantanal and the dry scrub and savannah grasslands of the Cerrado, the diversity of ecosystems found in Brazil means the country is home to many species found nowhere else on earth. WLT has focused its conservation activities on the fragmented habitat of the little known Atlantic Forest since the early 2000s but in collaboration with NCI, WLT have recently begun investigating potential projects in other regions of this vast country.

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Reserve Ecológica de Guapiaçu (REGUA)

Map of project areas in Brazil

The Atlantic Forest, found along the Atlantic edge of Brazil, north eastern Argentina and South-eastern Paraguay is one of the most biologically important eco-regions with only the Amazon home to more species. Sadly, it is considered one of the most threatened as only seven per cent of the original forest cover now remains and what is left is becoming increasingly fragmented.

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