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Jorupe Reserve

Staging site


Current size: 3,553 acres (1,438 ha)

The Jorupe Reserve is located in the Tumbesian forest of Ecuador and protects many Tumbesian endemics


The Jorupe Reserve

The Jorupe Reserve which is located in the Tumbesian region, is dominated by tall ceiba trees

Jorupe (previously named Jatunpamba), located in the Tumbesian region of south west Ecuador, consists of quality deciduous forest dominated by statuesque Ceiba trees.

The Tumbesian forest is a conservation priority because much of it is already cleared or badly degraded. Fundación Jocotoco intends to increase the size of this reserve in future years, if sufficient funds can be raised.

Wildlife on the Jorupe Reserve

It supports many rare species of plants and animals, including eight globally threatened birds such as Henna-hooded Foliage-gleaner.

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