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WLT currently works with over 20 overseas NGO partners, in over 18 different countries. Nearly all of the project sites can be visited although in some, if not many cases, the reserves are difficult to reach and inhospitable terrain and weather conditions should be taken into consideration.

Being able to speak the language of the country will be a huge asset and while most reserves do have staff who can speak English this cannot be guaranteed. If you think this may be a problem for you should check in advance.

Trail walking, excursions and activities. In all cases you will be able to see the natural habitats and walk in the reserves. In some cases you may do this unescorted, in others you will need a guide. Other excursions may also be available such as kayaking, horse-riding, night-time excursions NB: these may be subject to additional charges.

The following gives a quick overview of project areas that you can visit. Where we have "More information" and/or photos just click on the link.  We will be adding more information to these pages as we get it so please check back. We recommend that you make a final confirmation of details with our partners direct however in case of any changes since posting.


Visit Armenia

Partner Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC)
Reserve Khosrov Reserve
Location SW Armenia, Caucasian Mountains
Facilities Accommodation in a village house in Urtsadzor (x4 people) or camping at Ranger station in the mountains (also has 2 beds indoors)
Activities Birding, horse riding, hiking, exploration of flora (especially in May/June) and Archaeological sites, art residencies
Wildlife Bezoar Goats, Armenian Mouflon, Black Eurasian Vulture, Golden Eagle
Flora Iris Elegantissima
Contact Ruben Khachatryan (Director) at
More info Wild flowers in Khosrov ReserveMore information and photos

Visit Belize

Partner Programme for Belize
Reserve Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area
Location Located in the north-west of the country (see location on Googlemap)
Facilities Dormitory accommodation or cabanas available at both facilities
Activities Hiking nature trails, birding, Mayan ruins, canoeing on the river lagoon
Wildlife Over 390 sp. of birds, 200 sp. of tree, 70 sp. mammal, 30 sp. freshwater fish e.g. Harpy Eagle, Yellow Headed parrot, Jaguar, Spider Monkey
More info Lamanai TempleMore information and photos

Visit Brazil

Partner REGUA
Reserve Guapi Assu Reserve
Location Atlantic Rainforest only 2 hours drive from Rio de Janeiro International Airport (see location on map)
Facilities Guapi Assu Bird Lodge, non-profit lodge sleeps up to 18 people, all meals are provided, hides for bird watching
Activities Trekking, birding, guided tours. Tours include humid, montane and dry forest, wetlands and coastal lagoons. Also volunteer opportunities
Wildlife Over 450 bird species including 62 Brazilian endemics and 13 threatened species
More info REGUA landscapeMore information and photos

Visit Borneo (Malaysia)

Partner HUTAN recommends community based Red Ape Encounters (RAE)
Reserve Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary (KWS)
Location Sabah state, Northern Malaysian Borneo (see map). RAE operate within the KWS and within the HUTAN Sukau orang-utan research site
Facilities RAE can link you to a variety of accommodation from homestays to B&Bs (more like backpackers) or to lodges
Activities Exclusive access to the HUTAN-KOCP orang-utan study site, tree planting, wildlife watching, boat trips, homestays offer opportunities to join in local sports and activities with the communities e.g. fishing, handicrafts
Wildlife Orang-utans, Proboscis monkeys, Bornean pygmy elephants, Sun bears and a variety of birdlife including Hornbills and Barred Eagle owls
Contact Contact for RAE: Kennesh Manokaran
Website RAE:
More info Orang-utan in BorneoMore information and images

Visit Colombia

Partner Fundación ProAves
Reserve El Dorado, Las Tangaras, Cerulea, Paujil and Arrierto Reserves
Location Reserves across Colombia
Facilities Birding lodges available at the above named reserves. Teamed with Ecoturs, 100% of profits go to conservation
Activities Birding and nature tours, volunteering, Amparo crafts
Wildlife Variety of Colombian endemic birds and amphibians
More info Golden Poisoned FrogMore information and images

Visit Ecuador

Partner Fundación Pro-Bosque
Reserve Cerro Blanco Protected Forest
Location Dry tropical forest on the outskirts of Guayaquil
Facilities Camping (up to x30), eco lodge (sleeps 4)
Activities Birding, canoeing, walking
Wildlife Over 200 bird species, over 100 endemic plants, and over 50 mammals including the Jaguar
Contact Tania Rios,, Tel. 593-86225077
or Eric at
More info Great Green MacawMore information and images
Partner Fundación Jocotoco
Reserve Buenaventura, Canandé, Jorupe, Tapichalaca
Location Andean forest reserves across Ecuador
Facilities Lodges at each reserve accommodate 10 - 12 people
Activities Birding, walking
Wildlife Over 800 birds, mammals include: Puma and Spectacled Bear
Contact Paola Villalba at
More info Buenaventura Reserve, Ecuador TBC

Visit Guatemala

Reserve Laguna Grande-Sarstún Reserve
Location Caribbean Guatemala, just south of the border with Belize
Facilities Eco lodge and visitor centre run by the local communities
Activities Kayaking in the unique system of lagoons, mangroves, inundated forests, walking trails in lowland and karstic mountain forests
Wildlife Over 57 endemic sp. of plants, mammals include Neotropical otter, West Indian manatee, Howler monkeys and 5 sp. of big cat including the jaguar. Birds include the Harpy Eagle and Mangrove swallow
Contact Marco Cerezo (General Director) at
More info Kayaking in GuatemalaMore information and images

Visit Kenya

Partner Nature Kenya
Reserve Kinangop grasslands
More info TBC

Visit Mexico

Partner Groupo Ecologica Sierra Gorda (GESG)
Reserve Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve (SGBR)
Location Queretaro State - the reserve covers 946,000 acres (see location on Googlemap)
Facilities An association of 8 ecotourism lodges outside the reserve operated by local communities. Range of options from camping to dorms to private rooms and cabins
Activities Wildlife and cultural tours, school eco-camps
Wildlife 15 vegetation types, over 330 bird species, over 130 mammal species
Contact Margarita Pedraza at
More info Sierra Gorda TBC

Visit Paraguay

Partner Guyra Paraguay
Reserve Chaco/Pantanal Reserve
Location San Rafael National Park, Paraguayan Pantanal, Asuncion Bay (see location on Googlemap)
Facilities The Three Giants biological station (Pantanal) sleeps up to 12 people
Activities Birding, canoeing, horse riding, fishing
Wildlife Mammals include: Jaguar, Giant Otter. Asuncion bay is an Important Bird Area (IBA)
Contact Rodrigo Zárate at
More info Jaguar near the Three Giants Biological Station TBC

Visit Patagonia

Partner Fundacion Patagonia Natural (FPN)
Reserve Estancia la Esperanza
Location In the buffer zone of the Valdes Peninsula, it is not accessible by public transport (see location on Googlemap)
More info Guanaco on the beach TBC

Visit the Philippines

Partner Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation (PRRCFI)
Reserve Danjugan Island
Location The island is located off the western coast of Negros within the Philippines (see location on map)
Facilities Basic, accommodation for max 32 people, includes shared dorms and eco-cabanas
Activities Scuba diving, kayaking, birding, guided forest treks, Marine and Wildlife camps for 13-17 yr olds
Wildlife 7 habitat types, over 72 bird species, coral reef, 572 fish species, 2 species of marine turtle, dolphins and whales
Contact Millie or Analyn at
More info Danjugan, marine camp volunteers TBC

Visit Zambia

Partner Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia (WECSZ)
Reserve Chembe Bird Sanctuary, Wildlife Camp
Location The Chembe Bird Sanctuary is in the Copperbelt province, the Wildlife Camp in South Luangwa Valley
Facilities Sanctuary: basic camping huts, Wildlife camp: 4 star accommodation
Activities Sanctuary: bird-watching, fishing, forest trail walk around the lake. Wildlife camp: wildlife watching, small swimming pool, South Luangwa NP nearby
Wildlife Sanctuary: Crocodiles, birds. Wildlife camp: Hippo, Elephant regularly within the wildlife camp grounds. Occasionally lion and leopard
Contact Patrick Shawa at
More info Photographing wild lions TBC

Visit Kites Hill (UK)

Partner World Land Trust
Reserve Kites Hill Reserve
Location Cotswolds, Gloucestershire (see location of Kites Hill on Googlemap)
Facilities Education boards, nature trail, wildlife pond. Accommodation: None through WLT but plenty of B&B’s available in the Cotswold area/nearby such as Painswick & Upton St. Leonards
Activities Walking, wildlife watching
Wildlife SSSI, Ancient Beech woodland, oak, bluebell, wood warbler, stock dove, x6 sp. of bat, owl, marsh tit, song thrush, starling, Hairy dragonfly and Azure damselfly. Buzzards are easily seen and if you’re lucky a Red Kite!
Contact Kites Hill ReserveWorld Land Trust



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