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PaperlinX (incorporating Howard Smith Paper, The Paper Company and the Robert Horne Group) has been supporting land purchase and protection through World Land Trust (WLT) for several years and donates paper for WLT News and other WLT publications.

In 2010 the company was one of the official sponsors of WLT’s Gold Medal winning exhibit in the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and provided the paper for the official publication.

Carbon Balanced Paper Logo

Carbon Balanced Paper 

WLT worked with PaperlinX to develop Carbon Balanced Paper, a range of paper products that have had their production-related emissions offset through WLT. In most cases, offsetting is achieved by WLT purchasing and protecting tropical forests under imminent threat of deforestation, in association with overseas project partners.

WLT News is printed on Revive 100 recycled paper and is one product in the Carbon Balanced Papers range, available from PaperlinX. Carbon Balanced Paper has had the carbon emissions related to the production and immediate distribution balanced (offset) by World Land Trust, on top of its other environmental and sustainability benefits. Using Carbon Balanced Paper reduces the Trust’s carbon footprint and is one of the most sustainable forms of communication available.

WLT offsets emissions by preserving forests under imminent threat of deforestation, while carrying out selective reforestation and natural regeneration to connect forest fragments and degraded forest habitats.

WLT publications

WLT publications produced with the support of PaperlinX

Using Carbon Balanced Paper is a simple way to reduce the carbon impacts of your marketing communications and to support WLT at the same time. It should be as simple as asking your printer for Carbon Balanced Paper. You can then use the Carbon Balanced Paper icon on your printed communications (the logo can be downloaded by your printer). This high visibility seal of approval reflects your commitment and responsibility to your clients in reducing your carbon impacts.

More and more companies, organisations and charities are choosing to support the Carbon Balanced programme by purchasing Carbon Balanced Paper. 

Look out for the Carbon Balanced Paper icon and ask your printer to use Carbon Balanced Paper.

Visit the Carbon Balanced Paper website »

Carbon Balanced Publications and Printers

Carbon Balanced Paper Logo

PaperlinX has also worked with WLT to enable printers to measure and balance (offset) their own carbon emissions to become a certified Carbon Balanced Publication Printer.

Certified printers may use the Carbon Balanced Publication logo on their customers' work. This mark is the highest statement of integrity and reflects the fact that the emissions related to the whole production of a printed document or brochure have been balanced with WLT - and not just the paper.

Carbon Balanced projects deliver the same core benefits for biodiversity conservation as other WLT projects plus measureable climate benefits. 

Look out for the Carbon Balanced Publication Printer icon and try to use printers that are certified for Carbon Balanced Publications status.

More about Carbon Balanced Publication »

Printers certified for Carbon Balanced Publication »

More about WLT's Carbon Balanced programme »

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