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World Land Trust's Wild Spaces Programme gives zoos, aquariums and their associations the opportunity to support conservation in the wild. Below is a list of zoos currently supporting this programme.

If you would like to know more about how your zoo can become involved with Wild Spaces please contact WLT for more information.

  • Banham Zoo -Zoological Society of East Anglia logo
    Banham Zoo has a large collection of South American species and ensures their conservation in the wild by supporting in-situ conservation projects through the BIAZA - WLT partnership.
  • Beale Park logo
    Beale Park and Wildlife Gardens is home to a collection of rare and endangered birds and mammals. Beale Park is supports in-situ conservation projects through the BIAZA-WLT partnership.
  • BIAZA logo
    The British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA) is the professional body representing the best zoos and aquariums in Britain and Ireland. BIAZA financially supported the purchase of the BIAZA Reserve and has funded rangers at the reserve and in Armenia, Mexico and Borneo. BIAZA is currently raising funds for land purchase in Mexico through BIAZA Buy an Acre.
  • Birdland Park & Gardens logo
    Birdland holds a collection of over 500 birds from across the world and supported the WLT BIAZA Reserve project.
  • Birdworld logo
    Birdworld is a privately owned collection of over 150 bird species. They supported WLT's BIAZA Reserve project.
  • Blackpool Zoo Park logo
    Blackpool Zoo supported the WLT's BIAZA Reserve project by fundrasing during the launch of their South American themed Amazonia exhibit.
  • Bournemouth Oceanarium logo
    As an active member of BIAZA the Oceanarium wanted to participate in, and support, a valuable and effective conservation campaign and this is why they support World Land Trust.
  • Calderglen County Park holds a variety of small species. They supported the BIAZA Reserve project and then the BIAZA Keepers of the Wild project.
  • Chessington World of Adventures
    Chessington World of Adventure support threatened wildlife habitat in Ecuador through the Chessington Conservation Fund.
  • Conservation Breeding Specialist Group Logo
    The Conservation Breeding Specialist Group is part of the IUCN and during 2011 supported the WLT's Carbon Balanced Programme.
  • Curraghs Wildlife Park logo
    Ballaugh Curraghs is a wildlife park specialising in wetland species. They supported the BIAZA Reserve project, BIAZA Keepers of the Wild and currently support land purchase in Colombia.
  • Exmoor Zoo logo
    Exmoor Zoo has raised money for many charitable conservation projects including the WLT BIAZA Reserve project.
  • Folly Farm logo
    Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo was one of many zoos that supported the BIAZA Reserve project in Brazil.
  • Knowsley Safari Park logo
    Knowsley Safari Park used their Safari school to raise funds for WLT's BIAZA Reserve project, and BIAZA Reserve: Phase Two, to highlight rainforest conservation.
  • Lakeland Wildlife Oasis logo
    Lakeland Wildlife Oasis supported in-situ conservation in Brazil by supporting the WLT BIAZA Reserve project and BIAZA Reserve: Phase Two. They also supported BIAZA Keepers of the Wild.
  • Leeds Castle logo
    Leeds Castle Aviary was a part of Leeds Castle. In addition to linking with conservation organisations in South America the aviary supported WLT's BIAZA Reserve project.
  • Newquay Zoo logo
    Newquay Zoo fundraised for the WLT BIAZA Reserve project as just one of the many conservation projects the Zoo supports.
  • Old MacDonald's Farm logo
    Old MacDonald's Farm supported the BIAZA Reserve project and displays a biodiversity exhibit featuring the WLT's work.
  • Paradise Wildlife Park logo
    Paradise Wildife Park supports both ex-situ and in-situ conservation and is supporting in-situ conservation through the BIAZA-WLT partnership, through its own on-site charity.
  • Shaldon Wildlife Trust logo
    Shaldon Wildlife Trust supports different conservation projects, including the WLT BIAZA Reserve project.
  • Shepreth Wildlife Park logo
    Shepreth Wildlife park supported the purchase of the BIAZA Reserve by holding fundraising events and displaying educational material on their work with WLT.
  • ICBP logo
    International Centre for Birds of Prey have about 60 different species of birds of prey and owls. They supported Phase Two of WLT's BIAZA Reserve project.
  • The Raptor Foundation logo
    The Raptor Foundation supported the WLT's BIAZA Reserve project and raising awareness of Brazil's shrinking rainforests.
  • Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens
    Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens have supported both the Indian Elephant Corridors Appeal, the BIAZA Reserve and the Borneo Special Appeal.
  • Tropical World logo.
    Tropical World is a tropical butterfly house and mini zoo in the heart of Donegal, at Alcorn's Flower and Garden Centre.
  • Twycross Zoo logo
    Twycross Zoo houses many South American species and so ensured the protection of some of these species in the wild by funding the BIAZA Reserve project.
  • West Midlands Safari Park logo
    West Midlands Safari Park is actively involved in both in-situ and ex-situ conservation, and is pleased to have supported the BIAZA Reserve project and BIAZA Reserve: Phase Two. They currently support the BIAZA Buy an Acre project.
  • Wildlife Heritage Foundation logo
    The Wildlife Heritage Foundation, Big Cat Sanctuary is a registered charity recognised as the biggest, most successful breeding centre in Europe for the endangered Big Cats of the World working to ensure they are protected from extinction.
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Park
    Yorkshire Wildlife Park supported rangers at REGUA through Phase Two of the BIAZA Reserve project.
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